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I accuse the authorities of Kazakhstan and its allies from the business abroad of Russia and beyond, ending the US and the international financial oligarchy with violations of human rights and personalities ignoring all conceivable and unimaginable interpretations of it in violations of all international obligations and international norms of law, including the constitutions of Kazakhstan itself, as well as ignoring all interpretations of the rules of law and the use of sources of law using high technologies in the literal sense of the population's chipifications with the help of the KNB and secret laboratories and prisons. RU where it tortures and transcends human-like robots from human beings and violates all imaginable and unthinkable psychological psychological architectures of the human being and personality by conducting non-human experiments

additions to a higher comment
that's what I tell you chipping in terms of using the ability of high technology to put in the brain a so-called neural network that performs the function of limiting mental activity and does not allow the human memory to function properly and also gives the operator the opportunity to speak directly to the human brain as a person listens to the radio and a lot of things as well as at the same time partially connect with a person and how he himself senses and scans the brain and thinking activity and also reads human thoughts
I think this is a great crime against humanity, etc.

I want to draw public attention to the lawlessness created by Nazarbayev he naslyno keeps people hostage does not allow to meet relatives and friends who are connected with the opposition or oppositional minded citizens cynitis various kinds of obstacles and does not want to communicate and meet

I ask you to draw the attention of the society to the lawlessness created by Nazarbayev, in order to keep power with the help of high technologies and psychotropic substances, he lulls people, that is, a person can not wake up in the morning to get up to work, disrupts normal brain work and does not let him sleep

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