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Dear friends, I apologize, but I appeal to you for help!

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Dear friends, I apologize, but I appeal to you for help!
The matter is that I am an ordinary, hard working citizen of the Russian Federation. As you know, we have a difficult economic situation in the country and problems with work. I work as an engineer, but the money that I get is enough only for food for my family. We find it more difficult to find a more paid job.
My family lives in a rented apartment, as there is no possibility to buy a house. I inherited a small plot of land, where it was possible to build a house for my family. I certainly do everything myself, but building materials are very expensive. Because of this, I can not even begin construction. One of these days my daughter of 9 years (she takes a great interest in innovations on the Internet) has told to me: "the daddy, if we had at least 1 bitcoin, we could build the house and move to live it!". I smiled at her and said: "Of course!", But knowing the bitcoine course realized that we will not pull his purchase. After a while, my daughter called me to the computer and showed that she started earning money on cranes and mining. Of course it's just a penny, and I tried to explain to her that she would earn 1 bitcoin for old age, but she was stubborn and said: "Dad, I believe that I will do it and we will build a house!" From this, men's tears began to roll, that I can not provide shelter for my daughter, and she takes everything in her hands. I understand that these are all childhood dreams and fantasies, but she is a very striving person! At the moment she has earned only 841 satoshi and is very proud of it, and I'm proud of her.
Dear friends, I ask you for help, if you have at least a small opportunity to help her accumulate 1 bitcoin, my family and I personally wake up praying for you, and we will be grateful for the rest of our days! I do not ask for help free of charge, I am ready to work by any means! I'm ready to work it out!
I can work in Autodesk Inventor, Web Programming, Photoshop and I'm ready to learn any business, just to thank you!

Who will help, her purse: 3GMrE6YapwAtb6UpEBXS8CoJQrMUuAQGce

Thank you for your understanding, and please do not consider me a beggar, I'm so ashamed ...
Please forgive me for taking your time!
Thank you all very much and God bless you!

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