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Parents can`t understand it

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In my family it`s not accepted to hide something. My friend's mother never knew how much my father's salary was, it always surprised me. In our family, everyone knew how much each earned. We had a family budget, where we could take money from to go to the cinema together or to go on vacation. However, everything changed when I decided that I wanted to become an investor in some kind of a blockchain project. Found a good one - MiningNow and invested in it. I invested a large amount, but didn`t tell my parents. Not because I want to hide it from them, but I know they think about digital money. Here`ll be a horrible quarrel, and I don`t really need any over money. Unfortunately, even if I show a site where everything`s detailed: https://miningnow.online/ru/, I'm sure they won`t understand. And now I feel terrible, but I made my dream come true.

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Have you tried to explain everything to them? It's just weird, first you say that everything in your family is open and then you say they won`t understand. Sit down and talk to them. Tell them the project`s big, you`ve carefully checked everything. If this doesn`t help, then here's the news that RUSAL`s signed a memorandum with MNW: http://www.coinfox.info/news/8299-russian-aluminum-producer-announces-the-launch-of-a-mining-enterprise, it can help. Don`t hide the fact that you`ve invested in the project, I`m sure you don`t like the idea to keep it a secret.

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