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MiningNow or Envion?

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If there`s someone who can help me to choose, I`ll be very grateful. I`ve found two mining projects, but now I can`t decide which one to invest in. MiningNow https://miningnow.online/ru/ totally satisfies me, it's open and available. It can be directly invested through a bank transfer. In addition, it has an excellent offer for converting tokens, according to the rate that`s the most profitable for a user. Everything seems to be great and reliable. There`s a project Evion. Also an innovative project, but it`s too secretive. It has a base in Switzerland, and an office in Germany. Maybe it`s more adapted for European users? But it's confusing that many investment terms remain make you to ask lots of questions, while on MNW I found all the information that I needed. What do you think bout it? For me the opinion of each one`s important.

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