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Development of blockchain platforms

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A few days ago I read the news that the Russian consul in Switzerland, Karl Eckstein believes that in Crimea it would be possible to create an internal blockchain platform for anonymous foreign investments that could actually benefit the development of the peninsula. Thus, it would be possible to bring large investments to the peninsula, bypassing the EU and US sanctions against Russia. By the way, there is already one big developing project in the CIS - Mining Now. However, the project, on the contrary, is in favor of transparent transactions between people related to cryptocurrency and of the legalization of mining by citizens, as they write on their blog (http://miningnow.online/en/blog). I liked the open policy of the company and I support the idea of a founder of the project Alexei Zenkov to create national currencies in developed and developing countries and to use blockchain technologies in the government of the state economy, and in carrying out of public elections and counting votes.

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New corporation with privacy tokens came to the trade community to fast and too many of them is really broken. I heared about this project smth about 2 weeks ago and i want to know: do you really think it will work?

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