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ICOs are here to stay. Top 5 Reasons to participate in them

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A radically different method of raising investment capital, ICOs are already making traditional ways like initial public offerings, and crowdfunding look irrelevant.

According to an article from The Financial Times, a report from Autonomous found that technology based start-up companies have raised nearly 1.3 billion dollars this year alone through ICO’s, compared $222 million the previous year. One company called Bancor managed to raise $153 million, making it the most lucrative ICO in history (based solely on the amount raised).

Going by these numbers, ICOs surely are disrupting the way money is raised for application oriented companies. ICOs are not a new concept, as the first successful ICO was launched back in 2013 by Mastercoin. Arguably the most successful ICO that started the wave of this new concept was Ethereum which managed to raise over 18 million dollars in 42 days. From then till date Ethereum has given investors almost 74,000% returns in three years!

These numbers are staggering, and with the number of ICO’s launching daily, it’s about time we educate ourselves on how to participate in ICOs and why ICOs offer such lucrative investment opportunities. Let’s consider the top 5 reasons why you should participate in an ICO


  • Investment Potential
  • Front Row Seat to History
  • Future Growth
  • Transparency
  • Exclusive Benefits


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