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Vladimir Dainega

Тест с экономики

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1. C


The graph is bowed outwards due to a basic concept used in economics - the principle of increasing cost. If a producer were to produce more of one good or service, the constant in resources and technology would not be able to maintain the previous amount of production of the other good or service.If more of one good or service is produced, the opportunity cost of the reduction of the other good or service increases, therefore the gradient of the curve increases.


2. D


3. B


When there is never enough to satisfy everyone.


4. C (блять ну тут но комментc, сука ответ варианта ответа E убил =D)


Latin phrase that translates approximately to "holding other things constant" and is usually rendered in English as "all other things being equal". In economics and finance, the term is used as a shorthand for indicating the effect of one economic variable on another, holding constant all other variables that may affect the second variable.



Дальше решайте сами. Я спатки :P

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