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Max Beard

[Pre-ANN][Pre-Sale] ★ Universal Blockchain Loyalty Program ★

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Point-X is unique reward exchange program allowing customers to truly reap what they sow by offering universal rewards anywhere they shop. Our goal is to deliver an easy and convenient way to accumulate, convert, and utilize any special deals and offers that a customers receive at any store they visit. By giving our users variety of tools, we not only allow them to spend their rewards at the shops they love the most, but to also invest, store, and capitalize on their gains. 

Point-X will open a way to better, more exciting shopping experiences and will actively encourage customers to look for the best deals available.  

The blockchain technology and our Proof-of-Processed-Payments system will provide a high level of security to protect our customers from fraud.

Point-X is a platform that is similar to a common Cash Back service and has two main concepts:

1. The points are awarded to the user for purchases from a our partner store. 
2. Increased number of points is awarded to the customer after a completion of the certain actions, if the partner store has engaged in a marketing campaign through our platform. 

The use of cryptocurrency, as a means of rewards will actively engage the users in the shopping experience, increase the average cost of a check and the frequency of purchases. A big part of the engagement is attracting the customers into investment opportunities with elements of gaming. 

A broad network of partners will allow users of Point-X to exchange the accumulated points for other (single) loyalty programs, thus giving them a universal tool for accumulation, storing, and the use of reward points. 

Our in-house developed processing tools allow for an immediate transaction speed. 

The use of blockchain technologies gives anonymity and protection of private information from further usage of any associated information by third parties.  



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