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Hello everyone, I do not want to relocate my problems to you, and I do not want to hear negative comments in my address, if you can not or do not want to help

then just pass by, all your flattery is no longer read. I'm not a master of writing beautiful texts that are calling to give me your money, and even more so I'm not a fraud.

I'm an ordinary person like you ....


My daughter Hemangioma -

this is a benign tumor consisting of cells of vascular tissue. Usually a similar disease is diagnosed in newborn children and children,

who reached the age of several months. At them the neoplasm quickly enough progresses and, reaching the big size,

may represent a visible cosmetic defect.


We collect money for treatment, the fact is that I myself in the topic of crypto currency for about 5 years, I decided that it is possible and through it to collect money for an operation that is crottly needed

now my daughter, the terms are burning, there are less than two months left ...


My daughter is clever, beautiful, grapes on guitar, goes to music school, to study perfectly, why life is not such a fair thing ....


I urge all those who are not indifferent not to pass by and help our family, my strength is gone, at the moment I am working on 2 jobs and still working on everything ...

I will not go in every time, THANKS HUGE HUMAN who will not answer! Here's the purse for replenishment - 1CefLkA2ucGjLVYCvw7RJuM4uA6EQETk4D!


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