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[PRE ANN] Investment Opportunity, LevelNet. Open ICO discuss


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Hi guys.
I want to make an pre announcement on the ICO. We hope you will be interested in our project and you can give us advice and feedback.I will be glad to any of your advice and help.
LevelNet technology combines cyber security strength of many cyber-protection systems in the network into single superpower. It provides preventive protection to all users regardless of the security system installed on their devices.
LevelNet relives user from choosing between different solutions as it leverages power of all available protection software in the network. One of the key features is the high speed of cyber-threat information sharing and threat elimination
As long as just a few users in the network employ updated anti-virus software LevelNet will never go outdated. LevelNet is designed for any device including desktops, tablets, mobile phones etc.
As with all cyber-security technologies our (patent pending) solution is complex and difficult to replicate. We hope LevelNet App will be installed onto millions devices providing unseen-before level of security. The network security will grow stronger with every new member and reach the level of almost absolute protection
How LevelNet works
LevelNet is a revolutionary cyber-security software designed to provide unseen-before protection level to any internet user. Once installed on the device it forms peer-to-peer network and combines all cyber-security resources available in the network to protect single user. LevelNet designed to be installed on billions of devices, making every individual user invulnerable to viruses and other malware. 
LevelNet is not another anti-virus. And it is not affiliated with any existing anti-virus or cyber-security company. LevelNet is a small but very capable software agent that is able to trace all cyber threats in realtime and provide total protection from all of them. 
LevelNet will always be free, or almost free as we might need to start charging a nominal annual fee of $0,99 in the future. 
LevelNet could be installed on desktop PCs, tables, mobile phones or any other device connected to the internet such as car for example
Project website: http://www.levelnet.co/
---> Investment Presentation including financial projection,business model,marketing strategy,etc: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2UGdBAl_9gRZEdodFZfTnYzcFU
More Detail
Some survey results of the target audience: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-86KXVDCP/
CEO LevelNet


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