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BitZonk - verifiably fair online bitcoin game

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BitZonk.com is really simple Bitcoin game. You’re just three steps away from your prize.

1. You choose the difficulty. 
2. You can select ‘easy’, which means two out of three curtains hide a winning Bitcoin. If you go for ‘hard’, only one curtain wins but the payout is much higher. 
3. You choose one of the curtains.You see what’s behind. If it’s a Bitcoin – congratulations, you just multiplied your bet and you’re one step closer to the grand prize. If it’s a cat, not to worry, you can always start again.

Why play BitZonk.comIt’s totally fair and we can prove this to you. The hashes used by the random number generator are taken directly from the Bitcoin blockchain. See for yourself when you’re placing a bet – just click ‘verify ticket fairness’. Please remember that you can always start by choosing the demo version and then move on to get the real prize.
Sounds fair enough? Welcome to the game!

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