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[PiMP: Portable Instant Mining Platform] 64bit, Scrypt/N/ETH/XMR/ZEC and many more

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It's here! PiMP 1.9 and 2.0 are released. 

Quick Start
Comes as a pre-built image so you don't have to install drivers and programs yourself.
Default configs and miners are provided so you can mine out of the box.
Simple commands can change all your workers, wallets, and pools in config files.
You also get a GUI desktop for easy local operation of the rig.

Easy to use
Manage your miners with easy commands: stop/start, switch, edit, del, and status
Customized PiMP editor provides syntax highlighting and integrated syntax checking for easy config edits.
Remote VNC/RDP is preinstalled to make it even easier for Windows miners to upgrade to PiMP.
While tweaking and tuning, use the test commands and attach to screen of miners to get a closer look.
integration with miner.farm makes easy online web monitoring a snap and problems easy to see.
You get simple backup tools that save a copy of your confs and miner builds for later.
Control all GPU, CPU, and ASIC miners from the same interface

Real support
GPU types and counts are shown at the login screen for instant troubleshooting information.
You have a team of developers, miners, testers, and other community members available in chat to help you use the software 24/7.
Built in diagnostic tools provide the critical information you can share, so you can get help faster.

State of the art
You have support for nearly all open-source and binary miner software out of the box.
All data communications to miner.farm are SSL/TLS encrypted for your security.
Use a platform built fresh on a modern distro release, all new from the ground up.
Volume license and mass deployment commands and tools are included for multi-rig setups.
Enjoy support for the latest AMD GPUs with custom tools to manipulate the settings.
Have a professional look so you can impress your friends or your clients.
Secure coding done is by professional, experienced developers and sysadmins.
Check stats at a glance with USB LCD backpack display support.


we are ACTIVELY working on nvidia support. You can follow PiMP development more closely in our Livechat, #PiMP, by subscribing to our Assistant PiMP e-Newsletter on getpimp.org, following us on Twitter and Facebook, etc. 

You can also see pimp2.0-nvidia rig(s) on the PiMP farm as we are creating and working on them, at any given time, https://miner.farm/farmer/pimp

Early 2017 we should have a pimp-2.0-nvidia release for you.

Hello PiMPs!

So far everything has been running smooth - but they keep releasing updates to miners! Thankfully, you’ve got the PiMPUp Update Platform. This lets you get the latest miners sooner - and get a huge head start above the competiton. 

Thanks to PiMPs coming for live chat support, we’ve pushed several great fixes for reliability with the miner.farm agent. We’ve got temperature, fan, and clock control for GPUs - and started on some of the framework for new features coming this year.

There’s also a major Optiminer Zcash update for stability - version 1.3.1, and you can auto-upgrade to it.

First, be sure your miners are stopped with the pimp --stop command.
Run pimpup. It will guide you through PiMP updates, if there are any.
Choose Optiminer from the menu. Should get a big green Success after that.
Run edit zcash-opti.pcfg to change your configuration. FLAGS= should NOT contain the --experimental-kernel flag, this was needed for 1.2, but will break v1.3.1 and newer. You should remove that if it is in there. This is near the bottom of the file.

There’s also been lots of bug fixing and improvements to miner.farm, so it is even easier to see your rigs at a glance. Visit the PiMP farm at xUBLfiO.png

Don’t worry PiMPs - we’ve got much more in store for you, and we’re just getting warmed up for 2017. It’s gonna’ be a great year for cryptocurrencies, and we’re glad to help bring mining to all!

~ The PiMP Family

Totally forgot to mention we also have a great new landing page for the zcash miners


~ The PiMP Family

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Hello Pimps!


Did you know that with a purchased copy of PIMP comes a Free base subscription of Miner.Farm - A webbased control and monitoring system for your rig.


If you are already using Miner.Farm and any  awesome features yet ???


so if you are a small hobby miner or a bigg farmer you can do it just the way you like


start and stop your miner from anywhere

switching pools

switching miner program

monitoring problems and setting alerts

collapsable farm view to make it easy

having a private farm


whatever your style or flavor of mining is this tool makes your mining experience easy  


For a preview of the farm come and have a look here : https://miner.farm/farmer/pimp/farmstatus


Did i mention that it is an affordable tool  just look at the picture below.



if you are a very large pro farmer we also have some great options for you then contact us if you are at [email protected] or [email protected]



PiMP Family

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Hello PiMPs!


dbct here with the biggest news of the year!




So far itś a wild ride so where to begin, let's begin by this pimp is staying very up to date on the miner programs so you can just type "pimpup" and it will download the latest pimp and minerfarm software instantly. you can then pick any of the miners to update in place. it's that easy! (or look below and for info on what we have have put in the new fresh RC11 release).


Part of the pimp family called miner.farm. This is a secure web-app that lets you control the miner in many ways (start/stop and switching to name just a couple)

Also, our new pimp versions come with the free edition of miner.farm. this lets you see the miner on the PiMP Farm page for all the pimps to use.


We are working on miner.farm every day to put in the features that you ask us for. We also decreased all of the subscription prices to make it easy for all pimps to control their rigs like the pros do and we are working hard to give you the best mobile view so you can manage your rigs where you want when ever you want.


Next to this we have a lot of great things lined up:


We want to make it more accessible for miners,PiMPing out more platforms like CentOS, Android and Windows

We have lots of bugfixes and improvements in the back end that most pimps will never notice, but it makes your tools work better!


The most important for YOU (the miner):  we want to give you the best support and the most easy mining experience so we will continue to build more and more guides, videos, and tips as well as updating your Users Guides and You can ask your own questions in the PIMPs Corner! https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner


We want the miners voice to be pimps voice so this is why we try and be very active in our live chat irc for all your questions , tips , jams or just a chat you are always welcome.




The getpimp.org website got some love too!


undergone changes to make things easier for people to navigate

pimp the world project is a fact now!!!!!

hashrates can be added and the display is cleaned up


PiMP 1.9 & 2.0 versions just got:


Fresh new release RC11 with all the fixes, updates and new miners included.

fixes include more stability for more uptime

improved gpu data gather

a quicker reboot to deal with stuck GPUs

“pimp --stop all” command, a feature requested by the pimps

the newest miners available ASAP to you

added the best pascal miner we could find!!!!


Miner.Farm (managing, monitoring and alerting tool)


We also lowered the prices on miner.farm to make everything more accessible for every miner.




stability service fixes.

many cosmetic tune ups.

bug fixes.

reboot miner from website is now also possible.

switching profiles from website is also possible.

and big farm solutions and collapsible views

Bitcoin and PayPal payment option

and we even got the agent working on the popular raspberry Pi!


We are very proud to say that we make the PiMP dev/testing/support teams available to our fellow mining developers for collaboration. This is a win-win for the pimps and for all of the miners.

As pimp family grows bigger we are looking for more team members, please visit https://getpimp.org/help/about to see if you are needed!




PiMP Family

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Hey PiMPs! 
We’re bringing you what may be our best news yet: PiMP now officially supports Nvidia.
Our development team has been hard at work to bring PiMP to the green side - after all, it shouldn’t matter what colours you wear: every miner deserves to be PiMPed out! 

PiMP 2.0 Nvidia is now fully integrated with miner.farm, along with a slew of other features, including:

A free, base subscription to miner.farm,

The latest drivers,
Regular updates via the “pimpup” command,
Stable and reliable OS,
24/7 support in our IRC channel, #PiMP
User guide,
Tested miners,
And more!


A special thanks to Epsylon3 of ccminer fame for helping us troubleshoot and integrate his miner into the PiMP OS. 
We’ve got bugfixes galore! The desktop GUI problems have been eliminated, thanks to our development team and our contributor, Snipa, who runs xmrpool.net.
We’ve also just released the RC16  version of 1.9 fglrx, and 2.0 amdgpu-pro 
Its here and  we have a major update / bugfix (please run your pimpup in terminal)
PIMP version 2.0 does not have a desktop GUI problem any more thanks to our dev team and our contributor snipa from xmrpool.net
Today we also released the RC 16 version of the 1.9 fglrx and the 2.0 amdgpu-pro these versions have all the updates and fixes in them , you can also get them by using our update tool called pimpup.
Switching from a non-api miner to a api miner works now in minerfarm agent. 
For the latest user guide look no further just click the link https://getpimp.org/guide2/ 
To see what was changed and what upgrades/updates where made please  checkout the links.
For the 2.0:
For the 1.9:
For the 2.0 Nvidia version of pimp
Today we also released an update to our miner.farm the biggest update is that we are now able to give you hashrates from no api miners like claymore and uptiminer.
This update is also in the pimpup and our latest download release.
We just launched our referal program.
Its as simple as 123
Go to https://getpimp.org/home-landing/my-account/ and get your referral URL. (e.g. Your Referral URL: https://getpimp.org?raf=ref7518466)
Give this URL out to people when you recommend PIMP.
When they check out, you will receive coupon codes in your email that you can use at checkout on getpimp.org.
As development gets bigger and there will be a price increase current pimp price till 31 march 2017 will be 25 dollar after 31 march 2017 this will be 30 dollar.
The new way of viewing our helpme tool is totally revamped to make it a clear view.
This is one of our frontline tools to best help you get your miner info and showing you and us here the problem is so you or with a bit of our help kan fix it 
Conclusion :
As the year is just 2 months old these 2 months have been major for pimp and we hope that our updates and fixes work well for everyone.
If you find anything out of place or not working please let us know, we at pimp try to make mining accessible for everyone again.
We from pimp are always looking for bloggers,vloggers and youtubers if you seen our product and want to write a blogg or make a youtube please contact us via mail ([email protected] or [email protected] ) or come to our irc channel.
Community/Testing/Support Manager
irc: dbct

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Hello Pimpz


Lets first start off this post with mentioning that the price per license is 30 usd per rig, this has gone in effect on the april 3 2017.

The reason for the raised price is that the development of this OS and the Monitoring system had some major backend upgrades and this in turn made the 3 platforms currently in place to be much more stable and reliable. And all of your tools continue to get improvements and updates!


Our test/support team now has some new tools like a full q&a section and customer bug tracking to help you get the most out of your rig and into the crypto mining instead of constantly fixing your rig.



With this i would like to say thanks to all the contributors ,  helping hands and awesome feedback from the community  that make this project a success.

We from pimp like to give a special thanks to rverstar (russian translation ) , jadaking (france translation),seh (german translation) , n1ce (spanish translation) and dbct and his family in helping out with the dutch translation.

We will be implementing them soon.

If you see anything wrong or out of place in the translations please let us know we always try to offer you the best.


As you all know we love the creativity and spirit of mining!! So we are happy to say that there is lots more great mining content to come from our friends such as:

Yassien ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtsW5CD7utT9-0AI8ktoqxw ), Buriedone Blockchain (known from http://www.buriedone.com/ and https://www.youtube.com/user/BuriedOne ) made a PROMOVID https://youtu.be/kb6R5t3jee4 for you all to see   and chilledgamer for letting us know they are going to make some awesome videos for you all to make the PiMP/MinerFarm expirience the best crypto mining experience you will ever have. .




New easier checkout process! Just buy a PIMP OS from getpimp.org and then, all 3 versions of pimp are now in your account under the download tab once you bought a license.(one license is needed per rigg)

We done this to give you the freedom to choose what flavor is best for you .

All miners included are updated to the latest known at this point.

The updates in pimpup have now been separated for Nvidia and AMD miners




Minerfarm has seen a lot of enhancements this month that will improve your experience and all round make it slim and fast.

Some of the front end enhancements that are made are:

      Email alerts for Agent Down!!!

Better support for sub Mh/s hash rates.

Updated Pool View and Alert View styled like FarmView now,

Coming Soon: better pool wide controls example ‘switch all to this pool’


And this is not all on the back end of miner farm there have been many code improvements for stability and reliability, hosting upgraded for improved performance.




2017 is off for a great start with more and more tools and features are implanted and released.

The feedback we had from our community has been greatly appreciated and we hope that we provide and keep providing you with the best easiest mining solution .

PiMP is still looking for people that want to help make this project a great success and asks you to take a look here https://getpimp.org/help/about/


personally i would also like to thank our test team and the devs for their quick testing and making all the adjustments so that your downtime will stay a thing of the past


Yassien and Heliox have been so kind in sharing a couple of rigg pictures for you to see get idea’s off and give you some creative vibes , more can be found here https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner/pimp-rigs/ or just to show you that it does not matter if you are a bigg or a small miner every miner counts







Community/Testing/Support Manager

mail: [email protected]

irc: dbct

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Hello Pimps  logo-dogepimp.jpg


Wow it has been a interesting month again and we see some pimps really pushing the envelope in tweaking and tuning their cards and using minerfarm to see their results.

This is a great thing to see as the enthusiastic home  /hobby miners have a great time with our product we are getting great feedback.

A miner came in the other day and asked for assistance. We provided what he needed and it turned out we got some great feedback so we had adjusted the guide and workshop content accordingly.

Another great thing is we see more and more miners using minerfarm and we have given our mobile friendly monitoring platform a great facelift.




Yes we have one.

As time goes on we from pimp sometimes leave some hidden easter eggs here and prize questions here and there all over the site.

Mr evilmrkipling18 congratulations with your 1 month free upgrade to farmer status on minerfarm.

This gives him more control of his miner or his farm from anywhere he has a web connection.


A quick reminder to check the guides, FAQ and videos for new information. Also a special thank you to all of the miners asking questions on the FAQ! We have put a ton of time into making the guides and videos and we have a lot more planned for you.

We have been excited to watch the #PiMP Live chat IRC channel grow! More and more miners have been coming in to discuss and help one another so come join us. We have a wide ranging Testing/Support team and are connected to other mining communities too!



PIMP: logo-pimp-original-fan-spinning.gif


This pimpup brings us the command line pimp --add , pimp --delete and the awesome pimp --test and pimp --debug he screen wrapper for easy troubleshooting.


We are also continually updating and working on the confs to make them easier to understand and manage.


Keep your eye out  for the pimpup or pimp news message on your screen when you login! This means our dev and test team have added something good! Usually an update of a miner or an update to pimp, we always try to get you the best as fast as we can so you can earn more hash!


The helpme was bolstered as well to make it easier for you, your fellow miners, and the support team to determine what is wrong and help you with the info you need to get back to mining as fast as possible.


MINERFARM: logo-mf-350x218-black-on-transparent.png


Now that we have a super stable and reliable piece of software and service and worked hard on the back end our devs have started working on features to give you more.

As we are doing this to give you the best features be sure to don’t miss out and stay ahead of the wave.




We made a place for all miners who want more , well here it is you get more with pimp workshop https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner/workshop/ .

In the workshop miners like you that want more or get an edge  can request an article or make a article to help or get the info they need for their ultimate rigg.

Be sure to check it out.

Want to pimp out your personal webpage , now you can with https://getpimp.org/pimps-corner/op-pimp-the-world/  




PiMP Dev team has been hard at work testing hash and reliability using new linux kernel customization, drivers, and platform changes. We are proud to say we have had support from some of the biggest names in mining, and thanks to them we are going to be offering major improvements to PIMP OS.  We are about to put PiMP 2.1-amdgpu into final testing phase so you can get the most hash for your new cards!!! Stay tuned!!!



WE NEED YOU!!! pimp/minerfarm:


We have a great team and great community but there is always room for you to help us get even better.

We hope that you can spread a positive word and buying and subscribing to pimp and minerfarm are very great things to support us, there is also another way we also need to fill out some spaces to make the pimp team bigger please look at https://getpimp.org/help/about/ to see how you can help make this product even better.

In short we need you.


We are trying to make a cool vid with pics and vids, in order to do this we call upon our great community to help us out with content of pics and just a short movie that we may use for this any content you want to share please mail it to [email protected]





Minerfarm and PiMP OS are doing great since the launch of the 1.8 back in october 2016 , since then we have more than 600 active users and ever growing. We continue to sell several copies of PiMP OS a day and have had very little support needed: We are extremely grateful for all of our Testers and also our “PiMP Power users” who have worked tirelessly on QA to be sure that you get the best tools we can give.


If that is not enough we still try to stay at our roots with 1 on 1 support via irc and the videos and guides.

So don’t miss out on our ever evolving programs and services and the hidden easter eggs we sometimes plant. Crypto is freedom and crypto is fun. Enjoy!



Community/Testing/Support Manager

mail: [email protected]

irc: dbct

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Hello PiMPs!

We have too much news for you to wait until June and we want to get you the latest mining tools as soon as we can, so here’s BREAKING MAY NEWS!!!


First off... thanks for all your feedback and support that you give to this project.

This has not gone unnoticed and let me be the first to tell you about this awesome new edition to the pimp family line of products.

We have made great improvements to the foundation but stuck to the roots of stability and testing everything thoroughly to make sure that you have a good mining experience with profits.

On that note we would like to welcome a new testing/support team member garretthaae, he has already been hard at work helping the team get new features working smooth.




Another Special thank you to our volunteer translators who have been helping us put the community pages on the site. We now have some Dutch, Russian, and German FAQ pages up to help our new pimps feel welcome and can get started easier. If you would like to offer translated documentation for your community we would be very happy to have it. Just give us a shout!


Today we are proud to say  PIMP 2.1 is launched and rocking  it’s foundation, this heavyweight brings you the support for the latest flagships of AMD:






NEW! nvidia support including the new Titan XP and 1080Ti

amd RX 400 series support

NEW! amd RX 500 series support

a whole new kernel and all drivers up to spec

all miners were also updated to all current versions




This product also comes with the free version of the minerfarm monitoring system that lets you view your awesome rig.


We have gotten lots of compliments on the new miner.farm home page and for this, we thank you.  Also, we received a lot of thank yous from the pimps about the ability to reboot the rigs and we are glad to bring you this feature! Stay tuned for even more control of your rigs from the website.



We are excited to update some of the other parts of the site to make it even easier to use.


Control and manage your rig anyplace, anywhere, anytime with a subscribed version.

Take a look at this  awesome product on https://miner.farm

We value your feedback here to make our product better for you https://goo.gl/forms/VSuwIGUhjGXE2vid2 please fill this one out completely anonymous to directly help making the product better.



Community/Testing/Support Manager

mail: [email protected]

irc: dbct

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Hello PiMPs and non PiMPs




PiMP this month has seen a lot of new people as well as the usual regulars that always seem to know what is going on in crypto!

Thanks to your honest feedback, we went back to the basics. We have been optimizing, slimming down, and bug fixing to get the stability PIMP is known for.


Miner.farm has continued to grow in every way. The PIMP farm, the free accounts and subscribers have continued to suggest great ideas and improvements and the service keeps getting better thanks to you!

On top of that it is a awesome way to view control and manage your rigs from 1 rig up to a big farm

This brings me to the best stuff the getPiMP family has put up for all of you to help you stay ahead.

On top of this all we had the breaking may new release for you all and are getting great feedback on that aswell.







PiMP general:

-the new config are in full effect ( please run pimpup to get them the old configs will go out of date and be unusable).

-new cli commands like --add , --delete and --debug are working as a easyway and more stable then we could ever imagine.

-Special thanks to the help of our contributor iceman we have been able to make the images smaller and more secure.

-Special thanks to the help of our friends from SilentArmy we now have a special kernel for the 2.1 version of pimp as well as some other optimizations.



PIMP 2.1 AMD and NVIDIA Release:

  • RX 5xx series Support

  • New AMDGPU 17.10 Drivers

  • New Linux 4.11 Kernel

  • Optimized by Silentarmy

  • New, simplified and easier to understand Managed Mining Profiles and config files

  • More information provided during key validations

  • Created by a Professional Testing and Support Team, the first of its kind in crypto platform development.

  • Many small bug fixes



pimp 1.9 and 2.0

  • New, simplified and easier to understand Managed Mining Profiles and config files

  • More information provided during key validations

  • 1.9 rc16b released this is the proper rc16 release









The over 640 minerfarm users tell us that the system has a firm and solid foundation.

With more features coming out this year we are also working hard on expanding the way we present and view miner.farm

we have been testing the error reporting and the mailing so that you get the best we can put out for you.




Testing/Support Team Corner:


New Testers:



Special thank you to thesmokingman and SEH for extensive nvidia development work. Thesmokingman has gone above and beyond what we ask of PIMP Testing/Support Team and we are very thankful.


SPOTLIGHT ON QUALITY: % of Copies sold that required support:

JAN: 1%

FEB: <1%

MAR: 3.5%

APR: 2%

MAY: 4%




Dev Teaser:


We have been working on the nvidia overclocking scripts overclocking support for amdgpu coming soon.  


Feature Spotlight:


pimp --test this is a awesome way to see if your setup works like a well pimped out machine. It will show you the start up miner command that it uses, starts the miner and then attaches to the miner screen automatically. This allows you to see more information about what the miner is doing on your rig.


Quick Tips:


Why do we check sgminer -n in the helpme? You can get right to the point. If the miner can see the GPU, we are pretty much good to go. Beyond this, is just editing the conf file, add miner, start miner. Problems? Probably your conf settings, pool or network issue, or hung GPU.


DBCT question of the month:


Because we value you as a miner we are constantly working on new things but we could use your help.

What feature are you missing in PiMP ?

mail me at [email protected]



To wrap it up for this month:


Crypto mining is getting more traction as it gains more support from the public every day.

With BTC , ETH, ZEC and others reaching for the moon many people turn to the cryptoworld as a great way of making money and having fun and a great time with tweaking and getting the most out of there system.


As the first original professional mining OS we are proud and excited about this.

We encourage new miners to try PiMP and start mining and using crypto


Stay tuned for more stories and case studies from our friends and supporters and even our competitors, as we dig into what makes a successful mining operation, so we can all grow and learn together with PIMP.


Break Break

In a firework moment the pimp dev team made a great breakthrough at the last moment  for all you nvidia users , the EWBF now shows almost all the info you wanted in minerfarm.

This is not the end of the feature and pimp and minerfarm  will keep working on the fans aswell this is still a very significant breakthrough.






Community/Testing/Support Manager

mail: [email protected]

irc: dbct


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Trick or Treat! Come unwrap your delicious new releases! You’ll be making more coins in no time.



Major Support Revamp!


The PiMP Forum has given a new home to crypto fans and miners! We built out a modern, mobile friendly, well-organized and professionally maintained forum for all PiMPs to share ideas and to make it even faster and easier to mine with PiMP and miner.farm! Big thanks to Anjin, Emily, and Dbct for this treasure. We also use Single-Sign-on so you can easily use your getpimp.org account username and password on the forum.



All major bugs fixed: AMD UEFI and 5+ GPU support, 4G decoding, AMD ETH DAG fix, networking issues on validation. ALL FIXED!


PiMP 2.3 is here! New images. New kernels. New NVIDIA drivers. New AMDGPU drivers. New overclocking tools. All served with the same support and community included with all of our PiMP and Miner.Farm products! And all with the time-tested quality assurance you are accustomed to with PiMP software for all these years.


Simpler versioning: No more rc numbers. 2.3.30 is the build number for these releases.


PiMP OS for AMD Gets a much much needed overhaul: The 2.3 AMD release works for all supported AMD cards.


PiMP 2.0 is now retired: In other words, you can now have a 390 and a RX-470 in your PiMP 2.3-amd rig. You can also have 7xxx and 2xx series cards in the same rig but they may underperform on the amdgpu driver.




TO DOWNLOAD: Go to your https://getpimp.org/home-landing/my-downloads page.


PIMP OS for NVIDIA: nothing major here, just incorporated all of the previous bug fixes, features, optimizations and updates since v2.2.2-nvidia (v2.2-rc2-nvidia)


Crypto Mining and PiMP have had ROCKET growth in 2017:


In 2017 so far, PiMP received several major version releases: 1.9/2.0 were released as a set supporting legacy and modern AMD GPUs (See: Which PiMP is right for you), followed by 2.1 released supporting NVidia. During this time we saw record numbers in growth, as the preferred mining platform to support nvidia users for Linux! In the meantime we had some major growth in NVidia mining needs and we addressed those needs with the 2.2-nvidia release.


During this time, some of our users experienced difficulty with stability due to explosive growth based on our features and performance. In response, we expanded the team with more subject matter experts, redesigned and deployed our infrastructure, and have been experiencing smooth sailing since.  


Alongside this rocket growth, Miner.Farm has seen great improvements in fixes, structure, and setup. Improvements have streamlined the product to be able to handle even the most hardened miners out there. Sign up for a free account with Miner.Farm and capture realtime graphing of your rig’s performance!


Highlighted infrastructure updates:


  • Miner.farm code has been getting multiple overhauls at each component to provide more network robustness, security, and accuracy.

  • We’ve upgraded our server fleet to handle the 100+ rig farms we have running simultaneously online.  We are constantly evaluating, testing, and improving the infrastructure.

  • The download servers have been upgraded and scale with demand to ensure swift download and install.

  • We are evaluating and working with a number of payment processors such as Coinpayments, Stripe, and Coinbase to improve the sales and subscription processes.


Highlighted new features:


  • `gputool` has been completely rebuilt, and now will set clocks and fans on both Nvidia and AMD cards. If you were using other scripts or other methods to set fans or clocks, switch to `gputool` for the latest feature support. (For details how to use gputool, Check out our gputool post in forum.getpimp.org’s Overclocking section.)


  • Are your stats wrong? Are you getting 0mh/s but the miner is running? Does it say screen is terminating without starting the miner? Does the miner not run? Does the miner screen exit? Here is how to fix it in 4 quick steps:

1. Run the command `pimpup` in the terminal and update both the PiMP software, as well as the miner you are running.


2. Does this profile run fine with the defaults? For example, profile 2501 uses ewbfminer and you can restore the default config with: del nvidia.ewbf.zcash.pcfg and then run it with: `pimp --test 1`   (if it is miner id #1 in the `pimp --list`).

3. If `pimp --test 1` does not show you the right information you can go a step further and run without stats and without the screen. This is just for testing: `pimp --debug 1`

4. If you run fine with the default conf then you know it's your conf that is the problem. Double check it with checkconf command.


If you’re having any other problems, come join us in our Discord Channel!




  • You can now add and remove miners on the miner.farm website! To add a miner, the Agent Settings panel now displays the GPUs in the agent host, and allows you to add miners using the profiles on the rig. Miners can be removed from the Miner Settings panel. (See the miner.farm section on the forum for an easy guide.)


  • Check out more hardware details about your rigs on your miner.farm panel by clicking the Miner Settings button on a rig in your Farm view.




PiMPUP reminder - stay on top of the latest updates by entering “pimpup” in your terminal screen.




  • Chat in real-time with other miner.farm members from around the world and the dev team by joining our Discord Channel!

  • We are pleased to have created a new PiMP Beta team to increase the quality, stop bugs, and streamline testing and releasing of updates and new images. So far we have had a nice range of miners from relatively new hobby miners, to large garage pimps, to the largest megawatt datacenters running hundreds of PIMP rigs!

  • blackice has been promoted from Beta to Testing/Support team and has been helping pimps on the forum and the discord with a great attitude. Special thanks to blackice!




With being one of the first platforms to support Linux users, and the explosion of the Nvidia market this year, we’re excited to see lots of new great miners with great ideas for how to use our tools to optimize your mining experience.  In the future, you can expect to see us feature cool new rig designs and some awesome workshop articles.


Thank you for being a part of the PiMP community. We appreciate each of you and we cheer for your success.



CEO, Portable Instant Mining Platform

mail: [email protected]



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Hello Crypto world and PiMPs around the globe


Welcome to the new year and what a year it has been.

Pimp as a company came so far in the past year from being in the shadow of other Operating systems to what it has become today a full heavy full OS that kicks ass.


This being said there have been many changes in the background of PiMP aswell.

With the coming of a full support team , beta team ,upgrade to discord as a main chat medium and active forums.

There have been a number of changes also in the Admin section of PiMP.


With all this positive news it is with a heavy heart that I must take my leave from this crew.

This choice has been made on my own after a month of putting things on a scale.

I personally would like to end this on a positive note because I care much for the original crew and the work that has been done giving you guys one of the best choices a miner could need for there choice in what they want to run on there rig.


Why would you leave is a question I got , well to answer that I need to disclose a bit of personal info.

Last year was also a year that I changed my day job (yes all the work that has been done was besides this ) and also they offered me a study to follow, this next to the Family matters.

As you can imagine this is more then a day holds in hours so every day was a tight squeeze.


Last but never the less not least I would personally like to thank Melt and Lily for putting there trust in me and that we could lay the foundation to what pimp is today.


I will NOT leave the crypto world and you can always contact me on the many places I have a presence in and who knows where the road takes me next it certainly is a great age to be a miner.


Facebook https://tinyurl.com/2atoqy

discord dbct

Linked in https://tinyurl.com/y8ugbz8c

skype on request






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