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New project: BitsTrade




Who We Are?




Bits Trade Ltd. is a legal company registered in the United Kingdom providing its investment services to the members all around the world, Our company No. 10200485. Bits Trade Ltd. goes about as focal, experts and go between in a collection of exchange recorded and over-the-counter stock subordinates. As an Associate Broker clearing part (Category Two) of the London Metal Exchange, Bits Trade Ltd. can issue LME contracts and is a dynamic business segment maker speak to impressive power in base metals. Koch Commodities Europe Limited and Koch Supply and Trading, LP deal essentially in over-the-counter things and organizations.


The metals and imperativeness backups clusters within the Koch Supply and Trading associations offer to assess to end-customers, merchants, producers, smelters, fabricators and budgetary theorists using both standard and more composed subordinate instruments. They cover the business part day and night from trading centers in Singapore, London, New York and Houston.


We are in like manner an overall cryptocurrency pioneer with a mission we have to people to win more, feel better, live wealthier. On the twelfth of October 2015, we completed a 3-segment trade with the transitory laborer which reshapes our business. We acquired authoritative specialist's business and united our theory associations to make another association. By liberally invigorating it, we can pass on far-reaching points of interest to budgetary experts, and further regard to shareholders. In like manner, we acquired our advanced portfolio.


We are satisfied with the uncompromising way of organizations we give. Setting examiners' needs first in all that we do, we continue turning out to be rapid as the business pioneer.


We search for whole deal vitality about our favorable circumstances through placing assets into the principle remote exchange market. To the extent internal structure, we are a regular toward the ocean wander association with shippers and monetary investigators working all around all through the world. The most basic piece of our hypotheses, which keep running from low, medium to noteworthy yields relies on upon the way that our central endeavor is continually guaranteed.



Added Premium listing at :  Jun  17, 2016




Select a plan:

+ 105% after 10 days - Principal Not Returned

Plan     Spent Amount ($)       Profit (%)

BitsTrade1      $10.00 - $10000.00     105.00




+ 1% daily for 30 Days - Principal Returned

Plan     Spent Amount ($)       Daily Profit (%)

BitsTrade2      $100.00 - $10000.00   1.00




+ 140% after 30 days - Principal Not Returned

Plan     Spent Amount ($)       Profit (%)

BitsTrade3      $10.00 - $10000.00     140.00




+ 0.3% daily Lifetime - Can withdraw Principal any time with 25% Penalti

Plan     Spent Amount ($)       Daily Profit (%)

BitsTrade4      $10.00 - $10000.00     0.30





Min - $10

Max - $2.000


-We accept: Perfect Money / Bitcoin / Payeer

-Dedicated DDoS protected Server

-Hosting provider: DDoS-Guard.net


SSL :   IP : Nameservers : Hoster : DDoS-GUARD Ecuador NS1.DDOS-GUARD.NET (





Registrar : NETEARTH ONE, INC. Created : 2016-06-09 Updated : 2016-06-09 Expires : 2021-06-08 



-Referral commission: 5%

-Unique design

-License GC

-Instant Withdraw


Check GoldCoders' HYIP Manager License

bitstrade.biz - Licensed





Link to view and register ==>>>



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