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Avalon 2.0 Launch

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Пришло такое письмо

National Date is coming to an end in China, we can finally start shipping our inventory in the warehouses. To accompany this, we also have a new site, the new system features automated refunds, SMS tracking opt-in. we view majority of our support related issues will disappear as we will only add the stock that's available for immediate shipping into the store, this will be updated on a daily basis as more units come off the assembly line into the bonded warehouse. In the next few days, customers can expect us to sale single 23Gh/s modules which is compatible with batch 1, 2 and 3 units. some 4 module units. We will also be updated documentation for gen2 chip datasheet and reference design. Keep an eye out as new product gets introduced into the shops and restock of existing ones.

In the mean time potential customers should check out the Avalon Mini auction hosted by Tradehill which is going on right now; while fellow hobbyists and developers should look into applying for the design contest at a chance to win 5000 gen2 chips! 


Может ктонибуть перевести

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ну чё та возможность помодульной продажи (23 Гх)совместимых с 1, 2 и 3 Авалоном и прекращение задержек и восстановление поставок, обновление документации для чипов Gen2 и какой-то конкурс на лучший дизайн с шансом выиграть 5000 (возможно чипов) Gen 2 .... Что-то так..

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