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Samuel Dsouza

MyMazuma Blockchain Platform Will Revolutionize the Fundamentals of Gaming Industry!

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The trend of online blockchain games is increasing significantly; where the majority of industries and companies are preparing to launch their prominent games in the market to make tons of money. Implementing the latest technology and protocol functionalities, we have come up with the most demanded decentralized blockchain-based gaming platform- MyMazuma Network!


About the Project            


MyMazuma is a fast, trusted, and developer-friendly blockchain platform. This project is designed as the foundation for a new generation of online games, applications, and exclusive digital assets that power them.


This application is established on a unique, multi-role architecture, intentionally designed to scale without sharding. We have facilitated massive improvements in speed and throughput carefully assisting a developer-friendly and compliant environment.


It also empowers developers to create thriving crypto-enabled business effectively. The applications deployed on MyMazuma Network keeps the user in control of their own data; invent new kinds of digital assets tradable specifically on open markets reachable from any place; and create open economies that are owned by the customers to help make them valuable.

MyMazuma is a reliable, secure, and demanding blockchain for open worlds.Built by the team behind the most successful cryptocurrency applications on the Tron network, MyMazuma is a gaming platform designed from the ground up according to theuser and developer convenience, modular and future-proof.


It is designed for high-throughput, efficient user accessibility, low-latency consumer apps, games, and digital assets. The overall protocol-level usability and core onboarding features make it easy to drivenew enthusiastsinto a new decentralized architecture providing security at scale.


About the Mazuma Tokens


The Mazuma tokenis the native currency for the MyMazuma network and the keystone for a new, borderless, andinclusivedigital economy. If you believe blockchain is the digital infrastructure, the Mazuma token is the fuel to powerthe network. Indeed, the project has distinct important characteristics and functionalities that secure its place in the marketplace.

It is the ideal currency for a new generation of consumer applications, online games, and the digital assets to backup them, some include diverse use-cases, broad distribution, and low monetary inflation.


The Mazuma token is a digital asset required for the core network and all the applications on top of it to perform better functionality. This token is designed as a payment method with a long-term reserve asset to secure the entire MyMazuma economy.


This token is a low-inflation and circulatingsupply asset specifically utilized by developers, gamers, validators, and new users interested in joining the MyMazuma network to earn bulk rewards. The user can also use this asset to transfer fees, serve as collateral for secondary tokens on the parent project, and participate in future protocol governance.


Mazuma Tokenomics


· Token Name- Mazuma Token

· Symbol- MAZUMA

· Blockchain- TRC20

· Total Supply- 1000000000 (1 Bn) MAZUMA


Mazuma Token Distribution


1. Total Supply- 1000000000 MAZUMA

2. Circulating Supply- 60%

3. Governance and Development Reserve- 22%

4. Reward and Marketing Reserve- 18%


MyMazuma- A Final Stay for the Most Vibrant Communities


MyMazuma gaming platform was designed from the ground up as a foundation especially for internet-scale applications and protocols that need exceptional user experience.We are also looking forward listing the Mazuma token on MyMazuma Dex, JustSwap, CEX in few months.


1.      Developer Experience

Games-tested in production, ready to assist you to build the variant of applications that players are willing to use.

Ø  Built-In Logging Support

A simple facet to pay dividends in software quality and development speed.

Ø  Cadence

An up-to-date and easy-to-learn programming language purposefully designed for decentralized applicationsand digital assets.

Ø  Upgradable Smart Contracts

To patch bugs securely and transparently along with upgrading required pre-specified portionsof a smart contract.

Ø  Fast and Deterministic Finality

Mazuma is created to be fast and responsive in order to achieve global finality within seconds.


2.      Consumer-Friendly Onboarding

The project standardizes usability enhancements for crypto-savvy traders and emerging enthusiasts alike to let them focus on what matters.

Ø  Mainstream-Ready Experience

We will launchpayment onramps and a marketplace optimized for gamer applications.

Ø  Human-Readable Security

MyMazuma deploys fundamental requirementsfor safeguarding the mainstream users against malicious applications and build trust in the ecosystem.

Ø  Smart User Accounts

The platform accounts make it easy for decentralized applications/wallets to pay transaction fees and recoup lost keys for users.

Ø  Incentives for Early Adopters

A significant allocation of Mazuma tokens isto be reserved for early user/developer growth.


Mazuma Staking Program


MyMazuma allows users to earn 225% rewards by staking Mazuma tokens from 3 types of reward programs: 10% Instant reward; 25 Level Rewards; and Re-stake and Withdraw respectively.

1.       The user gets 10% of Mazuma rewards by attaining direct referral stakes at MyMazuma in the system;

2.       On self-staking, the user receives Mazuma staking rewards up to 25 levels; and

3.       After hitting 225% total income, the user re-stakesor withdraw the tokensto the wallet.


We emphasize building a huge reliable community of 50k Mazuma holders;launch 15 lottery blockchain games; and implement10 blockchain products for the seamless growth of the MyMazuma Network.

We have also come up with a smart ROI investment plan with assured returns of 250% from 3 types of dynamic income. The most anticipating news is you can kickstart with a minimum of 100 Mazuma tokens. Keep an eye on our official platform for upcoming releases.


MyMazuma Technical Working


MyMazuma is unique among the emerging crypto networks, we plan to attain dramatic improvements both in speed as well as throughput. We will pursue this objective by isolating the jobs of a cryptocurrency miner/validator into 4 distinct roles, each having its own characteristics.

To be applicable the only requirement is a reliable internet connection for participating as a validator for Mazuma:

·         Collector Nodes improves efficiency

·         Execution Nodes allow speed and scale

·         Verifier Nodes assures correctness

·         Consensus Nodes confirms decentralization


Mazuma Upcoming Products


Here are few upcoming products created by and developed on the MyMazuma Network:

1. Token Website | Mazuma.network | 15.07.2021

2. Staking Program Website | Mymazuma.net | Launching on 20.07.2021

3. Mazuma Token Listing Starts by25.07.2021

4. Mazuma Blockchain Website | Mazumablockchain.com | Launching on 13.10.2021

5. Mazuma Utility Portal Website | Mazupay.com | Launching on 10.02.2022

6. Mazuma Gaming Portal Website | Mazuplay.com | Launching on 10.06.2022

7. Mazuma Lottery Portal Website | Mazubid.com | Launching on 10.12.2022


Talking about the overall scenario, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies are not even a new concept anymore. Instead, the gaming and lottery industry is in its infancy while considering the entire market adoption and implementation.

The emerging participants are continuously driving towards widespread adoption of the digital asset class. This is due to the broader use of blockchain technology and numerous methods of utilization to intentionally advance the gaming industry.

We agree to the fact that these seen benefits do not come without challenges- technical and regulatory. So, stay tuned and followup on our article regarding the newupdates on our gaming platform and blockchain and cryptocurrencies assets.


For more updates you can follow us on the following media channels:


Twitter : https://twitter.com/Mazumanetwork


Telegram : https://t.me/mazumanetwork


Medium : https://medium.com/mymazuma


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/mazumanetwork


Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/mazumanet


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