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[ANN] Ticket2Lambo: A Brand New Ethereum Based Lottery Project


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Ticket2Lambo.io a brand new Ethereum based lottery Project on the blockchain.
Buy your Ticket2Lambo tokens now to join the wildest blockchain ride in the world.
We plan on giving away more than 21 million USDT in total. You can participate in
the draw by holding our coin on your ethereum wallet. Just one token could get you
the Lambo.
About T2L
T2L is a hot new project on the Ethereum blockchain.
Being brought to life by 3 entrepreneurs, who have a combined
experience of 20 years in the world of crypto and finance. They
came up with the idea of Ticket2Lambo, a dream about a token
that is more than just a means of payment.
Your token can increase in price by speculation like any other coin.
But it also serves a whole new function, because every coin holder
also participates in a lotterydraw. And not just any draw! They have
built a roadmap of many lotteries, in which the prizes just get more
outrageous every step.
You only have to hodl T2L in your ethereum wallet and you
automatically play in every draw![/td][/tr][/table]
How Does It Work?
Each draw there will be giveaways. Every winner gets a prize assigned,
and the value of that prize will be transferred to their ethereum address.
With every token you own, the chance to win increases! But not only that, also the
demand for the token will grow, which also increases the price of the token itself. This
creates a win-win situation that makes it that you only lose if you do not participate.
Every time the coin hits a predetermined price, there is a new tranch of coins released.
The profits from this issue shall be used for the prize pool that finances the giveaway
rounds. After each tranch release there will be a draw to determine the lucky ones who
will win. To be eligible to participate in the lottery, your T2L tokens have to be stored in
your Ethereum wallet, at the time the necessary information is gathered.
T2L Roadmap
Tokensale stages
Token Structure
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