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[ANN] ZenChain: A Decentralized Platform Specialized in DApps and NFT

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This announcement will reveal to you the principles and mechanisms of the ZenChain project and how NFT and decentralized applications are connected with it. ZenChain will tell you more about Cake's products and ZenChain's development and distribution. The information is intended to describe the general idea of ZenChain.

About ZenChain

ZenChain is a decentralized platform that focuses on decentralized financial applications as well as non-fungible tokens. ZenChain's mission is to provide the community with unimpeded access to decentralized finance through dedicated non-fungible tokens. The use of IOT is also envisaged in the future.

ZenChain consists of core DeFi applications built at the core of the chain, not written by smart contracts such as swap, lending and insurance application, and also supports NFTs for chasing, auctions, and trading. Your NFTs can use it as Defi collateral to provide a loan, or place a bet in a pool for additional coins.

The main problem that exists in the world of cryptocurrency today is the difficulty of using it indirectly, for example, lending. Until now, no service has been able to provide the ideal performance of these functions.

Transaction fees on the Blockchain grow during periods of high network congestion, while fees for relatively simple smart contract transactions amount to hundreds of dollars. The increase in transaction costs leads to a decrease in the cost of small transactions, which limits the set of types of transactions for which the first level blockchain can be used.

However, ZenChain has a lot to offer its users:

• Scalable, high-throughput Blockchain with Tendermint Power
• Bridge from Etherum, Tron, Binance smart chain make cross-chain DeFi and NFTs solutions.
• Decentralized pricing oracles built-in
• DeFi primitives built-in: Dex, Lending & Borrowing, token IDO, insurance.
• Non-fungible Token applications like a mint, auction, rent NFTs
• NFTs X DeFi: bring the power of NFTs to the Defi ecosystem and DeFi to NFTs.

Token IDO
ZenChain Token IDO is a decentralized incubator that selects the best promising projects and helps them further develop in order to unleash their potential, using the investment power and the potential of the community.

ZenChain allows cryptocurrency projects to raise funds by creating a swap pool based on a fixed token purchase rate.

ZenChain’s Advantages
It is worth noting that the platform stands out among other existing ones by far not only because it offers the only effective solution for lending in crypto on the market:

1. Development of key applications for the DEFI and NFTs;
2. High throughput for all transactions;
3. Safer, more secure blockchain specifically for decentralized finance;
4. The rapid development of dApps for decentralized finance;
5. Peace of mind that the blockchain is not used for any types of non-financial dApps, thus decisions of Foundation and core developers are focused 100% on decentralized financial use-cases and nothing else;
6. The rapid development of dApps with dedicated calls specifically for finance applications;
7. The minimal attack surface of financial smart contracts developed on the platform;
8. Reliable governance;
9. Highly immutable – by periodic anchoring to the blockchain.

By choosing ZenChain, you are choosing financial freedom and the ability to build your technological future using the latest technologies.

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