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Kiwi Defi

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In recent years, along with the rapid development of technology, especially blockchain technology, the world financial industry is also gradually changing and the definition of Defi has appeared in this time. Defi or decentralized finance in which the organizations, markets or financial tools are managed decentrally, utilizes the power of Blockchain as decentralization and transparency to create an open finance. In it, everyone can access and use it anywhere, anytime without being influenced by any centralized individual or organization. Notably, with strengths in security, safety and transparency, Defi is the future of the financial world.

In that context, Kiwi Defi is launched to capture the Defi trend. Kiwi Defi poised to become the top solution for users in the field of Defi. Kiwi Defi provides a decentralized ecosystem full of basic servicer for the users even the beginner who just join in the environment of decentralized fiance and cryptocurrency market as well.

The decentralized ecosystem of Kiwi Defi

The very first service is a staking. Kiwi provides a platform that enables crypto investors to stake their stackable PoS digital assets via a third-party service that takes care of the technical aspect of the staking process. We offer a staking platform for the stackable assets in TRON blockchain with reasonable fee depending on the value of the transaction. Besides, Kiwi Defi also offers swap service to facilitate financial transactions with lower fees for businesses.Initially, Kiwi Swap will provide these services within the TRON blockchain, and then extend to other blockchains through wrapping coins into TRC20 tokens.

In addition, Kiwi ecosystem also supports liquidity service with Kiwi Liquidity. This protocol will automatically detect liquidity shortages in liquidity pools and will automatically use fast loans on TRON’s DeFi lending protocols through automated and integrated algorithms. Another component of Kiwi ecosystem is Kiwi Farming which offers “liquidity mining” for liquidity providers. This means that anyone that borrows or supplies assets on Kiwi ecosystem will be rewarded with a proportional allocation following Kiwi Farming policy.

Notably, Kiwi Defi also has a special fund that aims to provide a solution as an insurance to crypto investors, holders and newcomers. When users invest in the fund, users not only receive an insurance when there is an unexpected violation in the price in the cryptocurrencies, but also can receive attractive benefits from the fund. When investing at least 200 USDT in Kiwi Fund , 10% of investment will be sent to Kiwi Leverage insurance Fund which is used to pay for the investors or holders if the price of token decreases 10% compared to the moment that they lock their token in Kiwi Fund.

Kiwi Defi ecosystem includes numerous Dapps that support the users optimize their benefit from KWD. Dapps could potentially dramatically boost the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies by exposing more people to it.

Kiwi Defi brings to the users various values

The very first one is that it is easy to use. Anyone looking to perform transactions with new people over the counter will be able to do. The interface of the Dapps provided by Kiwi Defi is researched and developed to bring the best user experience possible. Even the users that first time join in Defi can easily use Kiwi Dapps.

Besides, Kiwi Defi provides trustworthy solutions for Defi. These include other token networks, advisory companies and blockchain development firms. Everything will be built with UI/UX in mind, without ever compromising on the two most fundamental aspects of any financial application: privacy & security.

Moreover, Kiwi Defi is built on TRON protocol which can support 2000 transactions per second. This number is much more than available blockchain protocols in the market. Thanks to this, Kiwi Defi can support all the transactions within the ecosystem with the impressive speed.

Native token of Kiwi ecosystem - KWD

With those missions Kiwi Defi is powered by its own native token, KWD, an TRC-20 token built on the TRON Blockchain. The KWD token will be used for discounts on services, dividends from staking, and as a governance token allowing the community to vote on how foundation funds are spent. Moreover, KWD tokens can be used to pay all the transactions in the SWB ecosystem. KWD tokens will be first available on PoloniDex in this summer.

In particular, Kiwi Defi cooperates with Defi JLaunchpad which provides a way to raise capital for new projects while allowing investors to gain early access to token sales. The one and only KWD token public sale is planned following the below information:

Duration: April 5 - April 9, 2021
For sale: 1,000,000 KWD
Price: $1
Contact Info
Website: https://kiwidefi.com
Public Sale: https://jlaunchpad.com
Email: support@kiwidefi.com
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/KiwiDefi
Telegram Group: https://t.me/KiwiDefiGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kiwi_defi

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