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Romana Mollika

The presale of Keepr3v1 will be lived from 10th December to 31th December 2020

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Dear Keepr3v1.network community,
We are delighted to announce that we will conduct a pre-sale of Keepr3v1 on 10th December 2020. In this presale, we would like to update some new change to guarantee the benefit of Keepr3v1.network Community

🔈 Token contract: 0x7a0f27b4ecdf145d22719aec06bd2c18a0cdfaa5

Stage 1: 10th December 2020–20th December 2020
1 KPR3 = 6 USDT
1 KPR3 = 0.01 ETH

Stage 2: 21th December 2020–31 December 2020
1 KPR3 = 9.5 USDT
1 KPR3 = 0.018 ETH

Listing price: Uniswap: 5th January 2021 (Liquidity 20,000 KPR3)
1 KPR3 = 19 USDT
1 KPR3 = 0.033 ETH

Burn 20,000 KPR3 at 2nd January 2021
👑👑 Listing exchange (to be confirmed): Probit, Kucoin, MXC, Bitmax, Hotbit, Cointiger, Catex, Bkex, Boboo, Coineal.

💵💵 Currency Accepted: ETH, USDT

Payment method:
➡ ETH: ERC20: 0xad2463AFC2Ac56AA857EcFc5aD5563267ed0bec0
➡ USDT: ERC20: 0xad2463AFC2Ac56AA857EcFc5aD5563267ed0bec0

Minimum Purchase: 10 KPR3
Maximum Purchase: No limit

👉🏻 How to Buy:
Step 1:
Send the amount ETH/ USDT you wish to buy Keepr3v1:
ETH: ERC20: 0xad2463AFC2Ac56AA857EcFc5aD5563267ed0bec0
USDT: ERC20: 0xad2463AFC2Ac56AA857EcFc5aD5563267ed0bec0
Warning: We only accept ETH, USDT sent to this address. You should check address carefully to avoid confusion or scam address.

Step 2:
Wait from 5 to 10 minutes to receive Keepr3v1.

Step 3:
Check your wallet again to be sure that you have received Keepr3v1.


👉🏻 How to claim the ticket?
Step 1: Join our presale
Step 2: Hold at least 100 Keepr3v1 in your ERC wallet.
Step 3: Each 100 Keepr3v1 will be recorded as a ticket. And you will receive 1 number of ticket.
Step 4: Go to our website: http://www.keepr3v1.network and Click “Claim the prize”
Step 5: Submit your ERC20 wallet address, Transaction Hash and your email.
Step 6: Click “Submit” to finish the process.
Step 7: Go to your email and verify your ticket.
Step 8: Wait for the last result will be random directly on Livestream at Twitter.
Step 9: Go to check your email if you are one of the winners. Verify our email and receive the prize.

➡ Token detail:
Name: Keepr3V1
Symbol: KPR3
Decimal: 18
Total supply:200,000 KPR3
Official Smart contract: 0x7a0f27b4ecdf145d22719aec06bd2c18a0cdfaa5

➡ Token Allocation:
Total supply:200,000 KPR3
Presale: 100,000 KPR3
Holder profit: 20,000 KPR3
Staking: 20,000 KPR3
Development: 10,000 KPR3
Community:10,000 KPR3
Burn: 20,000 KPR3
Liquidity: 20,000 KPR3

📪 Our social media:
Telegram Channel: https://t.me/keepr3v1networkofficial
Telegram group: https://t.me/Keepr3V1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/keepr3v1ticket
Medium: https://keepr3v1network.medium.com
Gifhub: https://github.com/Kpr3V1/Keepr3V1-Token
Website: http://www.keepr3v1.network
Email: info.contact@keepr3v1.network

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