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Vipdoubler: BTC and ALTCOINS doubler in just100 hour (30 altcoins accepted)

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Double your coins in 100 hours!
06/10 17:00:02

1. Deposit BTC / Altcoins. (minimum is 0.001 BTC, maximum is 1 BTC) over 30 altcoins accepted
2. Wait 100 hours.
3. Receive the double of your deposit if the site balance is enough to cover it!

The owner says: The main difference between VIPDOUBLER and other similar sites, is that we provide completely transparency about how much the site balance is at any given time. If there is not enough balance to cover one payment, that investment lose, but game continues and next ones may be paid!

BTC: http://www.vipdoubler.com/5e70e95e38e3b81a68038aba3a2e6d4e
DOGE: http://www.vipdoubler.com/ae45a40e06e923246d3722d43f234598
LTC: http://www.vipdoubler.com/0eeef8eafcbde8c8005a50797ace00f1
BLK: http://www.vipdoubler.com/5901e77f739523788ce796a6089758dd
DASH: http://www.vipdoubler.com/42b2312fa5784e00656364b6040d3f58
XPY: http://www.vipdoubler.com/e1c75f3f435078a0a3a16bed9a4fad4f

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