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Hello everyone,


Today we would like to introduce to you the advanced gambling platform is www.cgcasino.vip, operating by ClickGem Casino - part of ClickGem Project -. Why do we call it an advanced gambling platform? Here are some useful explanations that will make it clear:


1. CGCASINO.VIP is a P2P gambling platform and totally fair


Normally, when you play at any other traditional gambling platform, especially with games having a banker/dealer, like Blackjack, Baccarat, etc..., you will play directly against the operator and no one knows the algorithm behind their system, that is fair or not.


At CGCASINO.VIP, we created a P2P gambling platform, as a playground which everyone can play as a banker/dealer or simply a normal player. The system no need to design with more winning ratio to banker/dealer... So platform is totally fair, everyone can win big prizes.


2. CGCASINO.VIP is a cryptocurrency gambling platform and its payment ability is totally no limitation


Applied blockchain technology, CGCASINO.VIP gambling platform use CGMT (version 2) - that is ClickGem cryptocurrency - as its casino chip. This means you will play gamble games using our cryptocurrency. This method inherits all the groundbreaking advantages of the blockchain payment solution: fast and instant, simple and easy, high security and safe, globally with no border, minimal cost. There is totally no limitation and more advanced than other outdated payment methods like bank payment, credit card, top-up card, etc...


Currently, CGMT can be bought easily on STEX.COM exchange (from 20-Jan 2020) and CGEXCHANGE (ClickGem exchange), everywhere in the world. We will continue to list CGMT on many other public exchanges and start developing our local distribution network for CGMT in different countries through CGFund program (www.cgfund.app - people have a great chance to buy CGMT at a the price discounted up to 50% when joining CGFund program). Not only that, we will also continue to develop more applications using CGMT for payments like CGCASINO.VIP in order to expand its liquidity. When CGMT become more widespread and popular, it will be possible to use like real money or hold like a real asset.


3. CGCASINO.VIP is a great sharing economy model and totally profitable


Casino/Gambling business currently is one of the most profitable and fastest growing business in the world. Unfortunately every traditional gambling platforms act in order to monopolize market and no share profits with the community. We run our gambling business in a different way: instead of monopolize the market, we make this business come a real sharing economy model, make our business opportunity become your business opportunity, share our chances for making money to the community who support us to grow the business network. We choose the way to reduce our profit but grow our gambling business exponentially.


CGCASINO.VIP has been integrated CGAffiliate (ClickGem Affiliate) module, so every user is an affiliate, has a default chance to earn 5-10% commissions the revenues which comes from their referred users. Players also have a great chance to upgrade their affiliate account and earn up to 50% commissions with a lot of other benefits when joining our Super Affiliate program at www.cgfund.app;


4. CGCASINO.VIP is a licensed gambling platform and totally safe


When you play gambling games at an illegal gambling website, it totally risks for your money. "Dangerous" websites may be closed at any time by the authorities, or by owners (if they want to scam). You will lose money and can't complain or sue anybody, and in the worst situation you might even get caught in legal troubles...


At CGCASINO.VIP, we understand that compliance with the law means safety for you and ourselves. We have registered Curacao eGaming license for our gambling platform, it is a type of gambling license for online gambling platforms. With this license, we have to declare our revenue and pay government duties, so our gambling business is total legally and your money is safe when playing on our platform. In our future plan, we will continue obtaining an EU gambling license and we'll expand our market.


5. CGCASINO.VIP is a multi-device gambling platform and totally convenient for playing at any place


CGCASINO.VIP's client is designed and optimized to run smoothly at any device, it launched HTML5 version for all PC's web browsers on 4-Oct 2019 and continued to launch Android mobile app on 16-Jan 2020 (it can be downloaded on www.cgcasino.app or www.cgcasino.vip), iOS mobile app is planned to launch soon. Our technicians optimized UI/UX separately for each device in order to make sure your playing experience. So it is totally convenient for you to play at any place.


6. CGCASINO.VIP is a cloud-based gambling platform and its scaling ability is totally no limitation


CGCASINO.VIP's servers have been configured and optimized to run on the cloud platform. So its scaling ability is totally no limitation, and guarantee to serve a huge amount of users in the future when it becomes a global gambling platform.


7. CGCASINO.VIP is an AI-integrated gambling platform and totally automation


So interesting when you play as a banker/dealer inside our gambling platform because you no need to do anything, just make sure your account is still logging and your CGMT balance is available, and our AI engine will play gambling for you automatically. Some games also have "Auto" function for normal players. That means you can play gambling even when you don't need to think about it and spend your time for other jobs.


8. CGCASINO.VIP is a multi-nationality gambling platform and totally compatible with gamblers in many different countries


Launched with 28 gamble games include global games, western games, Asia games, etc... CGCASINO.VIP designed to maximize serving gamblers with multiple different nationalities. With the mission to become the world's top 1 gambling platform, our technicians will continue researching gambling culture in different countries to add more interesting gamble games on this platform.


9. CGCASINO.VIP is a multi-prize gambling platform and totally please the most demanding gamblers


With the mission to become the world's top 1 gambling platform, CGCASINO.VIP designed to operate with multiple different prize events for winners and even losers, to please the most demanding gamblers, attract more new gamblers and retain all joined gamblers.


In conclusion, currently with 9 top features above, we believe CGCASINO.VIP is an advanced gambling platform, better than many other gambling platforms. Still have many other advanced features are waiting for your discover... Just a few simple steps to enter www.cgcasino.vip (or download mobile app), create your CGID account, fund your CGWallet and start the game. Enjoy it!

















From 16-Jan 2020, 10000 accounts (with unique IP) which login CGWallet will receive a bonus amount of 50000 CGMT v2 (about $50 worth). It’s requested to deposit this bonus amount into CGCASINO.VIP and play gamble games until you reach 1 VIP point, after that, you can withdraw your bonus tokens for trading or continue playing.

To get 1 VIP point, the system requires users playing hard.


**Please note:

- It is gambling, so you can even get more than the original bonus amount if you got lucky!;

- Although you aren't allowed to withdraw your bonus tokens if you didn't get 1 VIP point, you are still allowed to withdraw the token you won from betting using your bonus tokens at any time;

- New registration accounts are also received the bonus token, please register at https://www.clickgem.com/backend/register ;

- Do not try to cheat our program, we will block your account immediately if detect any suspicious action;

- Instruction video: https://youtu.be/5iDVlhoZHdo







1. Minigame SicBo:

- Top 1 winners / losers of day: 1 ETH

- Top 2 winners / losers of day: 100,000 CGMT

- Top 3 winners / losers of day: 50,000 CGMT

- Top 1 winners / losers of month: 8,000,000 CGMT


2. Minigame Diamond Slot: x3 jackpot & winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Tuesday, within 24 hours)


3. Minigame Gourd-Crab Dice:

- Top 1 "Shrimp" draws of day: 50,000 CGMT


4. Minigame Mini-Poker: x2 winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Friday, within 24 hours)


5. Minigame Higher-Lower:

- Top 1 hand of day: 150,000 CGMT

- Top 2 hand of day: 100,000 CGMT

- Top 3 hand of day: 50,000 CGMT

- Top 1 hand of month: 6,000,000 CGMT


6. Slot Machine - Spy Girl: x2 jackpot & winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Sunday, within 24 hours)


7. Slot Machine - Treasure: x2 jackpot & winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Monday, within 24 hours)


8. Slot Machine - CG Kingdom: x2 jackpot & winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Wednesday, within 24 hours)


9. Slot Machine - Super Hero: x2 jackpot & winning amounts on Happy Hours (start from 10:30 am, every Thursday, within 24 hours)


**Please note:

- You can get a free bonus 50,000 CGMT to start play game from our Launch Promotion Program (only 10,000 members) » Please read in above

- Mobile app is available to download on www.cgcasino.app or www.cgcasino.vip

- All CGMT prizes are CGMT v2, CGMT v2 is listed & tradable on STEX.com exchange » https://app.stex.com/en/trade/pair/ETH/CGMT/1D

- All prizes will be sent on the next day (daily prizes) and the first day of next month (monthly prizes). Our server's time is GMT/UTC 0 » https://time.is/GMT

- You can earn more CGMT from our social airdrop & bounty programs » https://t.me/clickgem/688

- You can join our super affiliate program on www.cgfund.app to optimize your automated MMO system with a lot of other benefits.








Updating daily at https://t.me/clickgem/688



A lot of daily prizes in ETH & CGMT are waiting for you to collect at www.cgcasino.vip

Join play & earn now!!!

Have fun with the game and good luck!







ClickGem Project is part of the global payment revolution!


With the mission to build a multi-currency ecosystem, ClickGem Project has been developing a core payment system with a lot of utility applications suitable for cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. By supporting both cryptocurrency and fiat currency in an ecosystem which includes a currency cross-exchange system and all applications that helping to solve many needs in the real life, the ClickGem Project will:


- create more utility and more liquidity for cryptocurrencies,


- help people to use cryptocurrencies like fiat currencies and likewise,


- create habits and orient people to use more cryptocurrencies in their daily life.


People with no knowledge about cryptocurrencies are still not ready to use them, will start using ClickGem utilities with fiat currencies, and gradually switch to cryptocurrencies. In addition, this is also an optimum solution to blur the border between cryptocurrency and fiat currency, using the popularity and the liquidity of the whole system to build a new global payment system and contribute to the revolution of the current global payment system.


The ClickGem core payment system is a new groundbreaking and frictionless payment system which can support the pay-and-receive payment process through multiple currencies, including cryptocurrencies, support exchanging currency instantly with the lowest exchange rate from the market and just 0.2% transaction fee. Our aim is creating a new cross-border payment solution that can solve all the current payment methods issues, and will surpass all other payment systems (PayPal, Visa, etc…). Furthermore, purchases will be easier, simpler, instant with minimal cost.


The ClickGem Project is designed as an open platform to facilitate the process of purchases by integrating and supporting transactions between most major fiat currencies and all cryptocurrencies through APIs. More fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies will be continually added along the way.


The team is continuously developing new platform APIs, f.ex. to integrate ClickGem currency cross-exchange system with other external exchanges in order to optimize liquidity during exchanging currencies for the payment, apart from the already existing API which allows for integration with all today's e-commerce platforms, all B2B/B2C platforms, all applications for accepting payments online, and any software for collecting payments at local stores, supermarkets, etc...


ClickGem can collaborate with all kinds of businesses and all service providers to build ClickGem’s ecosystem and its network to any place, access all markets in the world. This way ClickGem will grow fast and its scalability is unlimited.


ClickGem core payment system (core application) is a combination of three important applications:


- CGWALLET is a multi-currency digital wallet which can store all kinds of currencies includes Fiat such as USD, EUR,JPY, etc... and cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, CGM, etc...


- CGEXCHANGE is a mix-exchange platform, is an experienced combination of a cryptocurrency exchange with a Fiat currency exchange (traditional currency exchange / Forex): it can support people on exchanging cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency, fiat currency to fiat currency, and cross-exchanging fiat currency to cryptocurrency (and vice versa)...


- CGPAY is a multi-currency paygate (payment gateway) for processing online payments by Fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Designed with the invoicing module, the payment mechanism, the integration API and e-Commerce plugins like PayPal - a famous and popular Paygate (payment gateway) for cross-border payment, CGPAY is a new Paygate but it is close and familiar with almost merchants who have an e-commerce website, or a B2B/B2C website, etc... This is a friendly solution to support all merchants who are using PayPal or similar Paygate to be able to easily change into CGPAY as a replaced method for receiving cross-border payments; Using ClickGem cryptocurrency (CGM/CGMT) for payment will incur fewer fees than other currencies!





In order to promote ClickGem core payment system, the ClickGem Project is creating an ecosystem of utility applications using the ClickGem core payment system as the main method to pay-and-receive payment:


- Business Apps: CGMARKET (Multi-currency B2B/B2C Marketplace)


- Banking Apps: CGLOAN (Multi-currency Loan Program), CGSAVING (Multi-currency Saving Program)


- Entertainment Apps: CGCASINO (Multi-currency Casino), CGLOTTO (Multi-currency Lottery), CGBET (Multi-currency Sports Betting), CGGAMES (Multi-currency MMO Games Portal)


- Utility/Service Apps: CGTRANS (Multi-currency Transport/Taxi Booking), CGHOTEL (Multi-currency Hotel Booking), etc…


- CG Debit Card: CG Debit Card is the simplest and most convenient way to make your payments with all your money available in CGWallet. We, with our partners, will provide you with a Debit Card that you can use anywhere, at any time, all over the world. You can also use it to withdraw or transfer money from CGWallet via ATM machine.







































































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