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📢 [ANN][POS/MN] 🔥 MalwareChain - Cybersecurity Lab on Blockchain 🔥

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MalwareChain is a startup project to create a unique cybersecurity ecosystem.


Based on blockchain and rewards to it’s nodes, it will allow a huge number of users to be involved in the work of detecting and combating cyber threats, thereby opening up a new technological era.

Now our team is developing a decentralized high-tech anti-virus platform using the latest achievements in the blockchain industry. Using this platform, any user can not only protect their devices from most viruses and malware, but also get rewarded by launching their own nodes that will perform useful work for the network.

Our mission/why we are doing this

The most important thing is to create as many real applications as possible for the MALW - cryptocurreny of the project.
An equally important task is the growth of investors' assets in our project in relation to bitcoin and fiat currencies.
We also plan extensive work to build and unite the community and all those interested in our endeavor.


Coin specification

    Ticker: MALW
    Algorithm: Proof of stake + masternodes
    Maximum total supply: 315 000 000 MALW
    Pre-mine: 3 150 000 (1%)
    Block reward: 4.0 MALW
    Masternode reward: 98%
    PoS validator reward: 2%
    Average block time: 60 seconds
    Coin maturity period: 180 minutes
    Blockchain: Own blockchain based on PIVX
    Masternode collateral: 5000 MALW
    Minimum Input Age for Staking: 12 hours [/li]

Reward Structure

    Block 1 : 150000 MALW
    Block 2 – 6001 : 500 MALW (last POW block)
    Block 6002 – 77968502 : 4 MALW 98% (3.92 MALW) MN 2% POS (0.08 MALW)



MALW client wallet is an open source software. Check it out on GitHub


Windows Wallet v1.1.2.3 for x86 64 bit


Windows Wallet v1.1.2.3 for x86 32 bit


Linux Wallet v1.1.2.3 for x86 64 bit
Linux Wallet v1.1.2.3 for x86 32 bit


MacOS Wallet for ElCapitan
Wallet for recent versions of MacOS 



Crex 24


More information about the MalwareChain project on social networks:

Website: https://malwarechain.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MalwareChain
Discord: https://discord.gg/3X9xRMh
Telegram: http://t.me/MalwareChainGroup
Explorer: https://blocks.malwarechain.com/
GitHub: https://github.com/MalwareChain
Whitepaper: https://malwarechain.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Whitepaper_V.1.0.pdf
E-mail: malwarechain@mailbox.org


Join now!

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