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[ANN][ICO] TWQ Token - iP2PGlobal Cryptocurency Financing Platform


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   iP2PGlobal Platform is the first shariah compliant peer-to-peer
cryptocurrency financing platform for the global markets


   Borrowers can apply for both unsecured and secured financing
through the iP2PGlobal Platform by staking TWQ Tokens


 Website | Twitter | Facebook | Telegram | Instagram | YouTube
  [--- Our Mission ---]

 iP2PGlobal Cryptocurency Financing Platform aims to re-shape
personal financing by introducing Shariah compliant financing
products to individuals worldwide. Offering the first unsecured
crypto financing product, it will also feature a single global
benchmark rate for loan pricing, a voluntary Takaful compensation
fund, full KYC & AML compliance and proper e-lending documentation
in addition to smart contract in order to enforced debt collectibility,
furthermore financing will be in various stablecoins to encourage real
world usage. 
   [--- Key Features ---]

  [--- Unsecured Financing ---]

iP2PGlobal Platform will introduce an unsecured cryptocurrency financing product. Based on our own market research, we will be the first cryptocurrency lending platform to provide one.

  [--- Shariah Compliant ---]

Financing products are based on Sharia principles, targeting Muslim population of approx. at 2.18 billion. However the platform is open to everybody regardless of creed or religion.

  [--- Global Platform & Global Rate ---]

One single platform to match borrowers and lenders across the globe for p2p personal financing using one global benchmark rate

  [--- Takaful Reserve Fund ---]

We provide an option to unsecured lenders to contribute and be protected in a default situation.

  [--- AML & KYC Compliance ---]

 We have Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer procedures when we register borrowers and lenders onto our platform in line with best banking practices.

  [--- Robust Credit Assessment ---]

We provide robust assessment by combining bank grade credit scoring model with social credit scoring model

  [--- Auction ---]

Two auction methods will be available: fixed rate auction and variable rate auction.

  [--- Legal Protection & Debt Collectibility ---]

We require E-financing agreements to be executed which is a legal document recognise by laws in many countries, recovery process can be initiated if there is a default situation


   [--- Video Presentation on Key Features ---]

  TWQ Token will be available on Exmarkets Launchpad on the 18th November 2019. 

6Y6u2VB.png    f4GHF1J.png

veHkkIP.png     Ma3LZGt.png


  [--- Milestones ---]

Lime Tree Bay Avenue,
P.O.Box 2547,
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands



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