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Want to Know What Does Your Glass of Milk Contain?

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Of course, you whim over what you are consuming and where your food comes from.


But, has it been possible for you to trace your food source? Nah, not! 😞

No more disappointments, we came with a splendid project - MYbDAIRY: Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain-Enabled Dairy Products.


Yes, you heard right! The first time ever a blockchain and Artificial Intelligence-enabled physical dairy project is launched having animals farms in South East Asia with 500 European Origin Cows for efficient milk and related items production.


The infusion of modern AI technology takes control of everything from climate, temperature control to monitoring health of the herds. The powerful suction pumps cover another step for ultimate hygiene whilst milking.


Website | Facebook  | Twitter | Instagram | Register


Have to acquire MYBD MILK, but don’t know how? 🤔


MYBD Tokens are the easiest and secure means of purchasing MYBD milk and its related products. We have scheduled Pre IEO sale of MYBD Tokens since 11th September 2019 on a first come, first served basis. The presale will end by 10th November 2019.


Don’t miss out the chance to grab MYBD Token for better future 😍 Get them now at a discounted price and also hold them as they have a definite potential to grow. It will also enable you to buy MYbDAIRY products as soon as they launch by next year.


Avail the opportunity now by clicking this link. Learn more amazing stuff about presale too.




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