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I notice you’re a large gambler and I’m an affiliate of Stake. I’m here to let you know about a far superior & well known website. As an affiliate I have seen all websites & choose to promote the best one as my returns are based on you enjoying it. This website is Stake.

You will not be disappointed! 

Stake is sister website of Primedice, with the same community team and staff! Primedice is the OLDEST Bitcoin gambling website still around.

I am happy to announce a great new thing on Stake named "Races". These races are similar to wager contests but instead of going for days or even weeks, they go for only an hour!

For example yesterday I wagered 1.1 BTC in 1 hour and prize was 0.0052 BTC for 8th place which is not bad 

Also I claimed my rake back from Live Support (You can do it how many time you want per day)

So if you guys wanna try it use the link below. By using my affiliate code you will also get a special promotion of 10% rakeback.


After signing up with my link, claim 10% rake back immediately. Just write to support "CODE EUGENE 10% rake back" and there you go.

Feel free to ask me any questions in telegram @EugeneSTPD

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