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[ANN][ICO] PixelBit - The First Digital Currency for Gamers and Game Developers


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Bringing the worlds of digital currencies and gaming together.



The PixelBit Ecosystem

The major problem which most blockchain-based projects in the gaming industry are facing is its incorporation into existing code and their restrictions to certain apps and platforms.

PIXELBIT is designed by game developers, with game developers in mind, offering instant, cost-effective real-money gaming to players and developers.

We designed PIXELBIT from the ground up for maximum cross-platform interoperability and
providing a set of intuitive and easy to use tools for developers. 

While generally being based on the Ethereum (ERC20 token) system and utilizing it’s blockchain, PIXELBIT offers a few unique properties relevant to the gaming market.


In-game reward system similar to trophies/ achievements on certain platforms. Gamers will be able to earn actual digital currency by completing certain tasks in game.

P2P trading mechanisms for players
1. Allow the direct trade of additional content such as skins, cosmetic assets and the like directly using the PXB system.
2. Allow circumvention of third-party marketplaces and gambling sites
3. Unified currency and an open, cross-platform marketplace.

Intuitive tools for game developers and publishers to make it almost allowing a super-easy implementation of our systems, allowing for virtually immediate revenue generation.

APIs for game developers and publishers tailored towards certain third-party game engines like Unity, Unreal, etc. as well as custom solutions.
Allow for game developers and publishers to set up a dynamically adapting pricing system that constantly monitors PXB value and adjusts the pricing for digital items to the current market value, thus offering continuity and predictability to customers.
Our backend will handle the heavy lifting, processing and verifying transactions and providing a reliable backbone.

Our goal is for PIXELBIT to be available on every gaming platform imaginable, from mobile gaming to PC to consoles while maintaining a high level of compatibility and cross-platform capabilities.


Problems and Solutions

One of the main reasons cryptocurrency based monetization endeavours in gaming have so
far been largely unsuccessful is due to the insular nature of previous implementations. Systems were clunky or difficult to incorporate into existing code and they have been mostly restricted to certain apps and platforms.

PixelBit resolves this issue with their proprietary-developed in-game APIs that allow game developers using the top game design platforms such as Unity and Unreal, as well as custom built solutions, to implement the currency in their games. The APIs allow the implementation of both the mining process as well as payments and transactions. Unlike most ICOs with just a concept, PixelBit has already designed these APIs.

PixelBit is the light at the end of the tunnel for blockchain based games, none of which are playable at the moment because they are simply too slow. The technology behind PixelBit does the hard work of making truly instant blockchain games available to everyone.

By virtue of being a universal in-game currency, PixelBit aims to keep gamers interested in
not in certain games, but the entire ecosystem for a long time. Not only does the prospect of
earning actual money through gameplay significantly increase the chance of gamers staying
engaged long term, due to it’s cross-compatible nature, no funds converted to PXB will ever
become obsolete, leading to a greatly increased willingness to keep spending. Even if the player no longer has interest in the game they originally purchased the currency for, they can simply use these same funds in other games, keeping them invested in the ecosystem and, ideally, willing to spend even more over time.

Another issue that PixelBit can potentially solve is the centralized and monopolistic nature of the gaming industry that benefits mostly the big game development studios. PixelBit will give smaller development studios and freelance developers a chance to stand out with their own games and receive the credit they deserve.

Industry Facts
Global gaming revenues neared $400 billion USD in 2015, with Asia making up about one
third of all gaming activity. Approximately 10% of that global market, nearly $40 billion USD, is interactive or online gaming, which has enjoyed a 50% increase in activity since 2010. H2 Gambling Capital predicts the worldwide total (traditional plus online) gaming market will near $60 billion USD by 2020. With over 6 million adults gaming around the world and estimates of greater than 10 million for 2020, the gaming market overall is growing rapidly, with the online virtual segment of the market expected to accelerate faster than that of traditional casinos.

The major problem which most blockchain-based projects in the gaming industry are facing is its incorporation into existing code and their restrictions to certain apps and platforms.


Join us in revolutionizing gaming economics by helping us to bring the worlds of digital currency and gaming together!


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