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adsapien.co/faucet/dogecoin,0.2-0.5 (85.8%), 10.5-14.9 (15%), 2200-4999 (0.1%) ДОГЕ каждый 10 минут.FaucetHub(скам)


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0.2-0.5 (85.8%), 10.5-14.9 (15%), 2200-4999 (0.1%) ДОЖ каждый 10 минут.FaucetHub
Баланс: 5805

1 капча
 20% реферальной комиссии


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Ай, Влад, молодца!


Currency Amount Received Status Type
Adsapien Doge Faucet  DOGE 12 57 secs ago RECEIVED NORMAL
Adsapien Doge Faucet  DOGE 12 2 hours ago RECEIVED NORMAL
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