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InCrypto.trade - 500 USD on your account

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InCrypto.trade is a multi-exchange trading robot system that implements classic and modern automated stock trading strategies (ping-pong, averaging grid + trailing). We also developed several new signal trading automatic algorithms, which allow the majority of holders to get 2-5% per month without any configurating of the robots.



We announce a pre-launch and recruit a group of interested traders and investors for bonus conditions!


We want to test our service on the widest group of interested users, and also to receive criticism, feedback from you and become better from the first days of our service!


Who will be interested in our project:

You are a crypto trader, and you want to try a new tool without personal financial risks!

You are a crypto investor, and you have any assets in cryptocurrencies that you obviously are not profitable to sell for fiat money today - you can increase the number of your cryptoactive assets through cryptoexchanges!

You are a novice crypto enthusiast - we will help you to get acquainted with the tool for crypto-trading for FREE!


We offer a participation in our Bounty:

1. You can get up to 500 USD on your account in our project;
2. 10 participating winners of the Bounty will receive a prize of 1 ETH;
3. The first winner will get 1 BTC!
4. SPECIAL-BONUS: the first 100 participants who will send their contact details (email / name / social network profile) with a personal message on Bitcointalk to this account (via PM) will get a SPECIAL-BONUS – the possibility of a free subscription to PROMO-tariff with 100% insurance of trading risks!


It means that if you have suffered losses as a result of trading operations, we will indemnify your losses on our individual Promo-Tariff insurance program!




1. Register on our website: www.incrypto.trade
2. Fill out the questionnaire in personal your account
3. Participate in our Bounty, all the conditions and the page of participant will be available in your perconal account


We want to attract a large audience, so we have prepared bonuses, gifts and interesting loyalty programs for active members of this forum! The Bounty campaign will also take into consideration your registration number - have time to register as fast as possible!


All questions can be asked through this official account, in the forum thread or by PM! We will give additional channels for the feedback later!

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