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[ANN] [ICO] Complex for people, ideas and business IDMCOSAS

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 Complex for people, ideas and business.


The new and perspective company IDMCOSAS – international decentralized multicurrency complex of online stores and services. This company is a unique offer on the e-commerce market, which includes, among other things, production facilities and the activities of a tour director, with its own tours. Payment for company's goods and services can be done by ETH, BTC, certain startup tokens, that company cooperates with and fiat funds.




General trading directions of the Company: clothes and shoes (related products), car tuning, sport equipment and sports nutrition, tourism equipment, tour director, sex products, electrical and Electronics, hand-made goods, pet products and agriculture, construction materials.


Preliminary agreements have been concluded with manufacturers and suppliers of goods. Logistic platform is prepared in order to provide delivery tunnels and routes for the fastest possible delivery of any product to any destination, at very low prices for customers. Formed technical, financial and marketing company plans. The first set of documents on the reorganization of enterprises in the Complex has been sent. Documents are being prepared in 4 additional jurisprudences for activity registration. Technical design of buildings and structures with production halls are being developed, mobile application for the Complex is being designed.


The complex was reformed of our enterprises into a united commercial and industrial company, which is almost ready to launch the first version in the framework of the company IDMCOSAS. Within 2 months we will continue to perform work on programming, testing and more convenient resources visualization.


We will start trading activity in several jurisprudences in 1.5 months.

Production facilities of the Company will be found in 2019. The volume and range of product lines will be determined by the ICO results. The launch of several Internet services is scheduled for the end of November. A bit later we are going to lunch tour director, which a platform and a package of documents for obtaining licenses and certificates have been prepared for. By this moment transport ways of necessary resources delivery will be already prepared, which will give us the opportunity to deploy production facilities for the production of the urgent products from good raw materials.


In case the Company is not able to collect the required amount of 1300 Ethereum (ETH) before the 7th of November 2018, all the collected resources at the current level will be returned to investors in the full amount to their accounts, which they did transactions from, and the company will continue developing itself by its own resources.


ATTENTION! Ethereum (ETH) should be sent only from personal wallets.


Company advantages for different kind of consumers:



Access to products and services

Honest information

Loyalty programs

Savings on commissions 



Crypto Exchange Token Output 

Token capitalization supported by the volume and resources of the company.

Stimulate token rate growth (with each stage of the ICO, the price of the token will increase, after the Company achieves a net profit, the tokens will give a possibility to you to receive part of the profit, which will also increase their value)



Significant benefits buying in the early stages

Discounts up to 50% for services

Company’s development participating

Receiving a part of the Company's profits



Additional interest to this market from ordinary consumers

Formation of a new category of consumers

Attention attraction to the industry

Encourage the use of cryptocurrency (Cashback and discounts for Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) payment)

Fiat money denial for cryptocurrency liquidity


Road map:




The team includes engineers, entrepreneurs, crypto enthusiasts, marketers, translators, logistics, and many others who work for the company.




Today you can become an early investor of MCS tokens, the price currently is 1 MCS = 0.005291 ETH.


We accept private investment. Details can be negotiated individually. Email us to idmcosas@gmail.com


MCS is a token that provides the opportunity to receive dividends from 50% of the company's net profit from the sale of goods and services for Ethereum (ETH).


We give the opportunity to participate in the life of the Company and the possibility of obtaining a larger percentage of dividends from 50% of the company's net profit from the sale of goods and services for Ethereum (ETH) to the most interested and active investors.


Dividend payments will begin as soon as the company’s operations generate net profit, precisely, not earlier than 4Q2018, but no later than March 2019.


ICO terms: from 20.09.2018 to 09.01.2019.


Also, we plan to get on the stock exchange. The planned token release date on the stock exchange is by the end of 2018. In the case of a large amount of "quick" investments, and due to a quick start, the exchange stock will take place before December 15 2018, with an initial cost of at least 0.015 Ethereum (ETH). 


Why us?

We’ve created decentralized structure, built to integrate any directions of modern business, that allows you to attract all groups of consumers.

Work in one direction is ensured by everyone else, thanks to that the system keeps “afloat”, brings income and develops regardless of the market situation and in the world.

IDMCOSAS is a revolution in the world trade and investment, where everyone has the opportunity to become part of e-commerce! Make this revolution with us!



Web-site: https://idmcosas.com/

e-mail: idmcosas@gmail.com



Twitter: https://twitter.com/idmcosas

Vkontakte: https://vk.com/idmcosas

Facebook: https://facebook.com/groups/idmcosas/

MyMail: https://my.mail.ru/community/idmcosas

OK: https://www.ok.ru/group/53997164888196

Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/settings/blog/idmcosas

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/idmcosas/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4DQ-B8D1Rd_peFfGuOHwnQ


Telegram channels:




Telegram chats:






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Dear subscribers, investors and citizens of the world's first blockchain state Decenturion. Presale stage ends up on 7.11.2018.




According to the SoftCap failure at the first stage of ICO, all the collected funds will be returned to wallets which investments were made from.




Due to the insufficiency of inventors crypto- association attention we are reporting about ICO shutdown.

We are ready to consider private investment by the agreement and / or contract in any convenient currency.




During the next 14 days on idmcosas.com it will be put the Company’s website landing pages ICO instead.

There will be posted legal information and links to information, shopping, public, touristic and investment portals.




On 11/07/2018 we:

- received documents on the formation of a new legal entity in the Russian Federation

- purchased 17 digital resources

- prepared 4 trade portals

- found a comfortable office for business meetings and conferences

- concluded 81 preliminary contracts with partners


Detailed information will be posted on our official website and other information resources.




The MCS Token will remain the Company's property until being placed on the exchanges or until the PreICO stage, in cases of sufficient interest and support of the funds.

WhitePaper will be changed.




DMCS token and payment by cryptocurrency will be introduced later, due to the lack of the support and interaction than we planned. That means not earlier than 12/21/2018.

Details will be posted in the new WP and will be additionally published on the information channels.




We are ready for constructive dialogues, your questions and suggestions.




Have a great Day, everyone!

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France was the first country to impose a tax on goods and services (gst) in 1954, and since then approximately 160 countries have introduced it into the fiscal system in one form or another. Some of the countries that apply tax on goods and services are Canada, Vietnam, Australia, Ukraine, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Italy, Nigeria, Brazil, and South Korea.

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