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Isa Iah

[ANN][MN][POS][ICO] - PowerSwitch, Decentralized Power Consumption Management

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  PowerSwitch is a new crypto-blockchain. Official presale launch October 15th 2018  
  Pure POS, based on famous Litecoin code.  
  First decentralized tool used to switch to the cheapest energy supplier.  


    What is PowerSwitch ?    

 PowerSwitch is a blockchain used to monitor energy usage and save cost. 
People paying their power supply (electricity, water, domestic gas...) via a meter (smart plugs) can adapt our prototype onto it. It will monitor your energy usage, searches the cheapest energy tariffs and switch suppliers quickly through our blockchain

PowerSwitch token are also meant to be accepted as a payment token for your power bills.

We are building a platform for the crypto Industry

PowerSwitch is developping a smart plug to manage your power consumption in real time and switch to the best offer regarding to your personal usage.

PowerSwitch is also meant to be accepted by suppliers as a payment method to pay for your power bills. Payments are of course automatically written in PowerSwitch blockchain.

    PWS Coin Specifications    

 Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively 
at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known. 

Want to know more about PowerSwitch Coin specifications ? Here are the numbers : 


    PWS Distribution    

 Proof-of-Stake based blockchain rewards coin holders having a masternode of simply staking coins in their wallet. 
Once Public sale is over, we will list PowerSwitch in main marketplaces. Unlike in Proof-of-work coins like Bitcoin, PowerSwitch coins cannot be mined in ASICs farms, only coins holders can create more coins. It has a significant influence on exchange price, avoiding miners to plummet coin price. Coins are sold by people invested in PowerSwitch blockchain at fair prices. 

Here is a table describing rewards structure, growing fast during the first year to boost PowerSwitch coins mass adoption, staying lucrative for many years and slowly declining for next decades. 

* Monthly value is calculated for 1 Masternode (5000 PWS), based on presale average price. 
** Calculations are made for 50 active Masternodes.
*** If you want to make your own calculations, just use our masternode simulator




    Token Sale    

 PowerSwitch tokens are sold to early investors during our presale. Once this presale is finished, PowerSwitch coins will be available on major exchanges. 

Presale is divided in 3 stages : 
Stage 1 : from 15th of october to 22th of october. 10 Masternodes are available at lowest price : $0.5/coin 
Stage 2 : from 22th of october to 29th of october. 15 Masternodes are available at $0.6/coin 
Stage 3 : from 29th of october to 5th of november. 25 Masternodes are available at $0.75/coin 

* Each stage starts and finishes at 12:00pm GMT
** All the coins that are not sold at the end of Stage 1, 2 and 3 will be burnt.

  Buy some PowerSwitch coin, build a masternode  ||   Get free coins with our affiliation program (scroll down)  

    Mobile App    

 We are developing a cryptocurrency wallet storing your public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend PowerSwitch coins. 

Use our smart app to manage your PowerSwitch SmartPlug, allowing you to see which power supplier you're affilied to and pay your bills with PowerSwitch coins. 




 Don't hesitate to use "addnodes" in your PowerSwitch.conf file :
(Your conf file is located in "C:\Users\your_name\AppData\Roaming\PowerSwitch" or "/home/your_name/.PowerSwitch") 




    Affiliate link / Earn free coins !    

 We run an affiliation system to boost our presale and help raising funds for our project.

You can now use affiliate link to talk about PowerSwitch in various media. 
Every time someone buy some PWS through your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of it

First time you affiliate someone, you win 1% of bought coins.
Second time you win 2%, third time 3% and so on. 
It's stackable until 5%.

For example, if 7 people buy through your affiliate link, you'll be capped at 5% reward. 

 How to generate your affiliate link ? 
Use our presale page url : https://www.powerswitch.me/buy , scroll down and use the form to generate your link
Your link will look like this : https://www.powerswitch.me/aff/Peja3hTZUMq1_random_string_wFqG4hzbTVeh    

Example : your PWS address is PAeja3hcTUMq4TW2Z3d4cNAwFqG4hzbTVeh ? 
Your affiliate link is : https://www.powerswitch.me/aff/PAeja3hcTUMq4TW2Z3d4cNAwFqG4hzbTVeh

Share this link everywhere ! On your blog, on facebook. Tweet it ! Share on bitcointalk, talk about it in your youtube videos, there's no limit. 
Someone buys some coin through your affiliate link : you earn your share of it. 

    Bounty Campaign    

 We are running a bounty campaign on our Discord server, don't hesitate to join us to earn some free tokens !
 Here are some examples : 
Earn some coins by promoting PowerSwitch on specific website
Earn some coins by following us on Twitter
Earn some coins when people are visiting our website from your referral link
Earn some coins by inviting people on Discord

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