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procoinadvice.cоm - мультикран, раздающий ВТС, ЕТН, DOGE, LTC в эквиваленте 0.0012$ /FH

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18 satoshi BTC - http://procoinadvice.com/btc/?r=1Ke4mM7dPHsvjrZ9Ssb6bMy7pvQWoprW9y

621 gwei ETH   - http://procoinadvice.com/eth/?r=0xe1f57e7ef7cdcdb117ea80dd89973e79b0bc6b0d

2276 sat LTC     - http://procoinadvice.com/ltc/?r=LdU5Pd12SjYdNEM4y5MK6QaGUsmzNPAxco

0.18 DOGE.        - http://procoinadvice.com/doge/?r=DU4xranYoAHmNnxFhYf71f3jktT3MLauGU


Кран раздаёт 4 монеты в кол-ве, эквивалентном 0.0012$ каждые 10 минут. Выплаты на FaucetHub.

Реферальная комиссия - 10%


BTC Procoinadvice Faucet  BTC 18 sat 3 mins ago RECEIVED NORMAL
ETH Procoinadvice Faucet  ETH 621 sat 8 mins ago RECEIVED NORMAL
LTC Procoinadvice Faucet  LTC 2276 sat  4 mins ago RECEIVED NORMAL
DOGE Procoinadvice Faucet  DOGE 18200956 sat 24 mins ago RECEIVED NORMAL

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