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Decenturion - the first blockchain state in the world!

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Decenturion is a rapidly developing state that has leveraged the complex of cutting-edge technologies to build an effective economy and a progressive society.



For thousands of years the humankind has been dreaming of the fair state, of the transparent system, which would provide equal rights to everyone. Today, you can become a part of such a state.




What does Decenturion citizenship provide?

  • You become a part of the world’s first state with direct democracy and blockchain economy;

  • You influence Decenturion policy – and together with other citizens define the path of its development;

  • You get income that starts at $25.000 in the form of startups tokens in case of your passive participation and you get more in case of active participation and when holding ministerial positions.

Why today?

Decenturion citizenship provides significant benefits.Register today and start participating in the economy and law-making.


Why now?

  • The amount of DCNT tokens (Decenturion passports) is limited and decreasing rapidly;

  • DCNT tokens increase in price by $500 monthly;

  • Having registered today, you start getting income in the form of startup tokens.


Why Decenturion?

  • It’s the first time the State pays its citizens;

  • It’s the first time every citizen is a shareholder of the State;

  • It’s the first time the state transfers 100% GDP to its citizens;

  • It’s the first time the citizens can directly exercise power, propose and approve laws;

  • It’s the first time an environment of like-minded people is created, where everyone's voice is taken into account.


Landing Page - https://decenturion.com/d99e839d-a54e-d442-7328-96bcafc85fb9


Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/decenturionapp/

Telegram - https://t.me/decenturion

Twitter - https://twitter.com/DECENTURIONOF

Medium - https://medium.com/@decenturion

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/decenturionstate/


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📣Сливаю DCNT Liquit за Bitcoin ♻ 
✅ DCNT Liquit - 0.07 BTC ❗❗❗ 
👉🏻Telegram: @BuddhaJah ✉

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