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Bitcoin-Dome City

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Estonia, Saaremaa (Eysysla)

We have begun raising cryptocurrency-based investments (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash), through which we are inviting the world’s new crypto generation to invest in the Cryptopia Parks development project in Saaremaa.

A worldwide network of private work and residential communities for the crypto generation.

Cryptopia Parks has created the first design concepts of the futuristic green and blockchain-driven community in the Bitcoin-Dome City series. The design concept features living and working spaces and iconic Bitcoin cryptocurrency as the central theme for this groundbreaking community.

Project the town’s future. A unique idea uniting people with the desire to live outside the system. Here you can live in harmony with the universe, without money, without division.

The Architecture of the structures is based on the Principle of the Golden Section, the law and the form by which everything lives and develops in the universe!”

Participating in the Cryptopia Parks project is an excellent opportunity for cryptocurrency investors, companies and enthusiasts across the world. We offer all investors a complete solution: representation, legal advice, coordination of Bitcoin transactions and property management services.

Our goal is to provide a secure future for the new crypto generation. By working together, we can create new values for our time, based on experience and the rapidly changing state of the world. Together we will find the best solutions for cryptocurrency investments in Saaremaa.

We are here to open the door for you to Saaremaa, Estonia! 

Saaremaa – is Estonia’s rich wildlife and forests, pristine, clean air and mild maritime climate. The unique natural environment and stress-free lifestyle of Saaremaa offers an elegant and highly secure living and working environment. 

We are looking for enthusiasts and professionals who would like to support the further development of Cryptopia Park's idea. We are open to cooperation with all potential stakeholder groups, investors, and governments around the world.




Contact: [email protected]



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