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Isa Iah

[ANN] CatoCoin : The Next Generation of Masternode Coins with NextGen Technology

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catocoin-16.png    Introducing CatoCoin   catocoin-16.png 

   The Next Generation of Masternode Coins 
with exclusive NextGen Technology
  Our .25 BTC Giveaway Signature Campaign is Underway
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  LATEST NEWS -  8/22/18   

    Catocoin Listed on Coinexchange.io  

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    Catocoin Listed on McAfee Market News   

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  LATEST NEWS -  8/21/18   

    Catocoin Listed on Coinmarketcap.com   

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    Catocoin Team Certified by KYD  

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  LATEST NEWS -  7/30/18   

    Catocoin Listed on Blockfolio APP   

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    Catocoin Listed on Delta.io APP   

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CatoCoin Reviewed by Masternode.buzz   

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    CatoCoin 'NextGen Technology   
Our ground breaking NextGenTechnology transforms the way in which Rewards and Collateral requirements are calculated. 
We identified several problem areas and opportunities that could only be addressed through the introduction of a new coin with 
revolutionary Blockchain technology: CatoCoin; because all conventional Masternode coins are plagued with the same fundamental problems. 

Conventional coins pre-set rewards on the progression of the block chain by 'guessing' how quickly Masternodes will be added over 
time when the coin is developed. This approach is like throwing darts blindfolded. 

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology decouples rewards & collateral requirements from the blockchain and links them instead to the 
number of active Masternodes. 

CatoCoin's NextGen Technology employs sophisticated algorithms to evaluate the number of active Masternodes and automatically adjusts 
rewards and collateral requirements. This ingenious approach allows CatoCoin to be the only coin that can Guarantee ROI both now and in the future. 
All without ever having to fork the blockchain, install new wallets or purchase additional coins once collateral requirements increase.

    CatoCoin is The Next Generation of Masternode Technology   
catocoin-16.png  Collateral & Rewards increase based on the number of active Masternodes catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Listed on CryptoBridge NOW catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Innovative anti-dumping design factor catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Automatic Collateral & Reward Increases every 30 nodes without any wallet updates required catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Masternode Persistence after collateral increases catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Your Masternode never expires even though newer Masternodes require a higher collateral catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Staking Mobile wallet on Roadmap catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Masternode exchange on Roadmap catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Increasing Rewards based on Number of Masternode Running catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Ingenious Reward system to insure there's never an oversupply of coins catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Excellent ROI even after hundreds of Masternodes catocoin-16.png 
catocoin-16.png  Substantial Rewards for early adopters catocoin-16.png 

  Our mission is INNOVATION. We are innovators and thought leaders. 

The long term value in CatoCoin will come from our Innovations and then sharing those innovations through 
open source. For instance, our revolutionary algorithms to adjust reward and collateral without deactivating your 
masternode are now open-source through our Github repository.  

We are just getting started. Our plans include a real-time wallet interface to exchanges so you always know 
the BTC and dollar value of your CatoCoins. In addition, we plan to introduce inter-wallet sales of CatoCoin through P2P connections 
supplemented by a cutting-edge Cloud Based Microservice architecture (stateless microservices deployed through AWS Elastic 
Container Services) to interface with several major exchanges. Our future roadmap also includes development & refinement of a sharded block chain for reduced 
storage requirements, reduced memory footprint and faster transaction processing times, a mobile staking wallet and 
a MasterNode Exchange where you can buy and sell CatoCoin Masternodes. 

Rest Assured - this is just the beginning with CatoCoin!


    Here's a quote from a very experienced Masternode owner about 
Catocoin and there are many more just like this.   





    CatoCoin is a labor of love for us and an opportunity to demonstrate how a well planned
reward and collateral algorithm based on hours mathematical modeling & 
simulations insures long term growth and sustainability.
Our Premine is less than 1%   



    The CatoCoin Team is primarily U.S. Based. CatoCoin represents many long hours of design 
and testing after analyzing the problems faced by 99% of the Masternode coins and architecting 
a truly innovative solution. Our approach is not only ingenious but realistic with the future in mind 
for our Masternode Owners and coin sustainability. CatoCoin is not some scam coin that will implode 
in a matter of days. We will be here for the long run with even more innovations 
planned to continue to revolutionize the crypto currency market.   


    We do not need to pre-sell Masternodes to 
cover the cost of listing on Coinexchange.io or Masternodes.online. We've got it covered.


    Your privacy is vital to us, it's why we included the Zerocoin Protocol - to protect your privacy.


    The CatoCoin Roamap also includes the testing of an  innovative 'Sharded' 
block chain CatoCoin wallet for faster transaction processing and reduced storage requirements in 
Q2 2019  and plans for inter-wallet coin trading for BTC. 

Q4-2018 will bring an updated wallet that interfaces directly with Coinexchange.io so you'll be
 able to see the BTC and $ Value of your coins at any time!









  CatoCoin is LIVE on CryptoBridge  





CatoCoin is not  one of those coins promising insane ROI only to implode within days of launch. 
We all know those kinds of ROI are only sustainiable with dramatic increases in rewards which leads to 
an oversupply of coins and sellers constantly underbidding each other in order to sell their 
coins which leads to an early demise.

We're different. Our rewards and collateral increases are based on solid mathematical models, many 
hours of simulations with short-term profitability and long term sustainability in mind.



catocoin-16.png    ALL BOUNTIES PAID IN BTC!   catocoin-16.png 

Why aren't we paying in CatoCoins? Good question, especially since that would be very easy for us to do...right? 
The answer is simple. We value the people who invest in our coins for staking purposes or for masternodes, to
us there is no one more important. When you give something away, it has no real value to the recipient even
though they may have earned it by helping us or promoting the coin, but they still have no 'skin in the game' like
the people who have purchased our coins. Therefore we do not mind spending our own BTC so that we do not
dilute the value of the coins - it's as simple as that.  

catocoin-16.png   EACH TRANSLATION BOUNTY IS .0025 BTC   catocoin-16.png 



 CatoCoin White Paper  


 Read our  'Medium Article'  on why 
CatoCoin is so Innovative and why all other Masternode coins are simply 
'Throwing Darts Blindfolded'


catocoin-16.png    CatoCoins for 15 Masternodes went on sale on June 23, 2018   catocoin-16.png 

Be one of the first 15 Masternode owners because collateral increases to 2,200 coins starting with Masternode 16

With CatoCoin your Masternode is never deactivated as Collateral Increases. You may sell your Masternode, so there is no reason to 
stop your Masternode and sell your locked coins since your CatoCoin Masternode will benefit from an increased value. Even when the 
collateral is 7,100 CatoCoins at MN 500, your 1,000 coin CatoCoin Masternode will be awarded the same number of coins per day as 
newer masternodes purchased with higher collateral requirements. 


Our first 15 Masternodes owners will each be rewarded with a 100 Coin Bonus 
after our listing is active on CryptoBridge 


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