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Investment Plans:
12% Daily for 12 days     
Bracket 1   $12.00 - $119.00       10.00%
Bracket 2   $120.00 - $1119.00       11.00%
Bracket 3   $12000.00 - $12000.00       12.00%
160% After 12 Days
Bracket 1   $12.00 - $119.00       130.00%
Bracket 2   $120.00 - $1119.00       145.00%
Bracket 3 $1200.00 - $12000.00       160.00%
Loyalty Reward Program ( Referral Commission ) : 6% One Level
Payments methods:  Perfect Money, Payeer and Bitcoin
Features: EV SSL, Registered Company, Dedicated Server, Real Time Stats on site.
Minimum deposit amount: $12
Maximum deposit amount: $12,000

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"Prohibited from posting referral links in all forums, except for section named "Games, gambling, HYIPs, cranes". Also prohibited placement referral links in the first post of topics or if create new topics. Placing referral links in the answers may be indicating that the link is a referral. However, if the message does not contain useful information, that is the main purpose of the message - accommodation referral link, such a message can be removed and give a warning to author."


However, given that the forum rules has not yet been translated into English, I will not punish you.

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