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[ANN] Weed Tokens MySweetyWeed - Weed Social Network with cash earning! LAUNCHED

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MySweetyWeed Present



Weed Tokens

Weed and Cryptocurrencies as two sisters, should be legalized over the world...




Announce 1

We start to process exchanging "credits"(virtual currency which you get for you social activity at Mysweetyweed.com (Crypto-Weed Social Network)) to Weed Tokens !! Our Users of Network need to update their wallet addresses at profile settings to get paid in automated "NET1 (NET7)" mode!


Announce 2

Everyday our community and Social Network is growing and We think to find good CPA/CPC/CPV network and (example) put 1 good banners to our social network at right bottom of the page. All our Crypto-Cannabis-Grow-420-Fun-BlackHat community can bring good traffic(users which are social, earn crypto for that), and it can generate some great cash which we can spend on:


1)Supporting our lovely WeTk at all crypto exchanges where WeTk will be listed

2)Get More advertisement to get more attention 

3)To make more different "free-to-earn" and "free-to-learn" services with our company!



Technical Specifications


Ticker: WeTk

Mining algorythm: x11

Difficulty retarget algorythm: Dark Gravity Wave v3

Proof of Stake year interest: 1% + compound and stake min age is 8 hours

PoS version: v2 (BlackCoin PoS)

Total coins: 10 millions

Block time: 64 sec

Confirmations: 10, maturity: 150

first block - premine "10%" (1% of total coins (1 million)) : coins total 100.000.000

from 2 to 200 block reward = 0 for pervent instamine

from 200 to 1540 block reward = 200, the ammount of coins - 268000 coins

from 1540 to 2980 block reward = 400, the ammount of coins - 576000 coins

from 2980 to 10080 block reward = 1150, the ammount of coins - ~8156000 coins for fair distribution

from 10080 to 10280 block reward = 0 coins if blockchain get stuck at switching to pos this will help


Premine: "10%" (WNn3BFWc13unXoH5ZQrnwqimg2pfx6cmsM 982788.9979 WeTk)

        Distribution of Premine:

         1% of premine for faucet 

         0.5% for testing, will be broken (links will be given)

         1.5% for bounties 

         7%  MySweetyWeed.com CryptoWeed Social Network Service













http://wetk.binpool.com/ - fee 1% PPLNS system

https://wetk.suprnova.cc/ - fee 1% PROP system

https://wetk.coin-miners.info/ fee 1% PROP system

http://wetk.minerpools.com/ fee 2% PROP system



Block Explorer







https://ex-crypto.com/?p=7  (New, Hot, Singapore exchange! WeTk/USD pair will be added soon!)









So what is it MySweetyWeed ?




    First of all MySweetyWeed is huge and friendly community of cannabis followers which is growing every day!




Is is a Social Network, where every user earn money for their social activity - for every like, every post, every share, uploading photos and music, referrals - users get special "CreditCash" money which they can exchange 1x1 to New Cryptocurrency "Weed Tokens" (WeTk), which they will be able to change to USD or EUR and withdraw to any their wallets! Of course users can make gifts to each other or donate each other !




  It is Huge Weed store where you can buy some interesting stuff(or virtual stuff) from our company for "CreditCash" money or "Weed Tokens"  , or become "trusted seller" and start to sell your stuff for "CreditCash" money or "Weed Tokens"




See us on

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епт, все ясно! от скажите зачем такое добавлять? переведи на рус. и добавь и тебе приятно и нам понятно!

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