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BTClevels.com - Bitcoin Binary Options Trading Platform

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BTCLevels   is a service where you can earn money by making bets forecasting short-term Bitcoin exchange rate movements. We have tried to create a simple, user-friendly but powerful tool and a smart trading mode that lets you hedge your positions or make profits by predicting the rate of cryptonote.




BTClevels benefits:


1. A brand new betting and reward system. More info may be found on BTCLevels rules page


2. A unique ‘smart trading’ feature. Hedge your positions and never lose a penny.


3. A completely fair way to earn money both on high-rate and low-rate Bitcoin movements. Listings and quotations are taken directly from HitBTC exchange in real-time.


4. A user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface that lets you make bets without registration


5. All bets are taken simultaneously. If you place a winning bet, your money will be automatically credited to your bitcoin address.


6. Unlimited bid amount.


7. Customer support services that work 24/7.


8. API


9. BTC/USD with different time expirations 1H, 4H, 8H, 24H

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