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  1. kellyon

    Cryptodiffer - Top ICO Reviews

    I also prefer to check carefully any info about new ICOs to reduce the risks. I just read info about iTrue. It's new Blockchain-as-a-Service solution which enables enterprises and developers to build secure, scalable and extensible applications. I think it will be very profitable project and I'm going to invest in it.
  2. kellyon

    Do you gamble?

    I can suggest you these Swedish casinos jämför casinosidor på nätet. I often play at some of them and already won some extra cash. They have great cash prizes and give bonuses for new players. Good luck!
  3. kellyon

    Invest in bitcoins

    First of all you need to check info about crypto markets and regularly check bitcoin value to invest your money properly. Personally, I often read different crypto blogs and forums additionally to be aware of the latest changes on the market. It helped me hundreds of times. Good luck!
  4. kellyon

    Top-Notch Talent From Wall Street Relocating To Booming Crypto Market

    sounds interesting! I also found info about Which altcoins to buy by ICO Pulse. I think there are two ways to make moneywith crypto - trading on exchanges and mining. Because there are no competitors to bitcoin as a long-term investment. I'm planning to use both of these methods.
  5. kellyon

    Beware of Philippe Ballesio. Sell non-existent ICOs.

    So timely! Great thanks for the info! That's why I prefer to check the updated info about new ICOs to reduce the risks. I just read review by ICO Pulse about new DAV ICO. It's gonna be a win-win project, it is global blockchain system that unites all unmanned vehicles and users.
  6. kellyon

    The first instant crypto lottery

    Thanks for the info! I use BTC mostly for gambling. I read at Cryptocurrencies for Gambling that most casinos accept crypto for alternative transactions and decided to give it a try. Hope the lady luck will be on my side soon. I think it's great opportunity to earn some extra money
  7. kellyon

    ICO thread

    I think ICO is one of the most efficient methods for startups to raise capital for their projects. And it is quite simple for investors to participate in these events. It usually takes from one to four weeks. During this period, everyone can purchase tokens in exchange of cryptocurrencies. But I think it's necessary to check carefully all info about new project to avoid scammers. I started investing in ICOs last year and I've already invested in a few successfull projects. Currently I'm interested in NuCypher ICO, it seems to be interesting and promising project. Here is its review https://icopulse.com/blog/nucypher-ico/ The project team successfully held a presale in the autumn of 2017 so I guess it will be a win-win investment.
  8. kellyon

    A reliable way to earn money

    I also can't afford to buy BTC now, it's too expensive, but I've found an interesting tutorial for beginners at https://youtu.be/_xM740Wz1ow about how to win some BTC. I think it's the easiest way for those who want to get some BTC on wallet. Hope the lady luck will be on my side.
  9. kellyon

    Sharing my experience, miners

    Was useful to read, tnx. I started to buy bitcoins only a few years ago but now I use them for gambling. I read at https://www.valleygames.ca/bitcoin-casino-your-guide-to-the-best-bitcoin-options-for-gambling/ that bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are becoming a popular alternative to making casino gambling transactions. So I decided to try.
  10. kellyon

    What do you think about a cryptocurrency casino?

    I can suggest you to look at this list http://casinoglobal.info/casinos/deposit-bitcoin/ of reliable and well-known online casinos which accept any cryptocurrencies. My fav casinos are LaFiesta Casino and Joo Casino. I've won there a few times already. Hope this info will be useful for you too.
  11. kellyon


    thanks for the info! it seems to be interesting
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