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  1. RT @CryptoGuru_: When $DGB hits 1500 satoshi (Which will happen in the next month) I am gonna giveaway .1 $BTC to someone who retweets this…

  2. RT @Lochm1807: If #Zcash (#zec) hits $400 by tomorrow I will send 0.1 $ZEC to EVERYONE that RETWEETS and LIKES this - @zcashco -

  3. RT @Crypto_God: https://t.co/sthY8K3lNb

  4. RT @CryptoAirdrops: #GIVEAWAY of 0.2 BTC; simply follow and retweet this post. Winner will be picked randomly among all RTs on October 31,…

  5. RT @hangthebankers: So true... https://t.co/OTO1vwrEiT

  6. RT @cryptodemedici: $DASH will be worth more than $1,000 by end of 2018.

  7. For the 6th #GvG reveal, I vote for the #GvGBlue card! Which do you choose? #pickyourfavorite http://t.co/hb6BFnOdOK

  8. Идея интересная, как думаете взлетит, не? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ydblrgmpXQ4
  9. It Looks Like Apple Just Opened The Door For Bitcoin Apps http://t.co/xrob2TEyc1 с помощью @sai

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