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  1. VISO: Frequently Asked Questions In this post we decided to answer few frequently asked questions. https://medium.com/viso/viso-frequently-asked-questions-295f29c53ea2
  2. Hey, guys! We have a winner! https://medium.com/viso/telegram-stickers-we-chose-the-winner-9990e6c988cd
  3. Telegram Stickers: Join our competition! Do you like to use Telegram and can create excellent stickers for this messenger? Then join our competition! Everybody who can create Telegram stickers can participate in our competition. Create the best stickers and win the prize — 5000 VITO. The competition will begin on Monday, 4 December and will continue 2 weeks to 17 December. Send your creations to the VISO team group on Telegram. 20 December we will choose the winner by voting. The winner will receive 5000 VITO! https://t.me/VISOeng
  4. конечно отвечаем) можете присоединиться к нам в телеграмм канал, там вы получите ответ на любой ваш вопрос! https://t.me/VISOrus https://VISO.GLOBAL has pleasure in bringing you its bounty campaign, whereby 2% of all tokens will be distributed among a small group of participants. Participate now! Only 100 Bitcointalk forum members and 100 referral program participants are eligible to take part in the bounty campaign. Get your personal program participation code through your user account at the https://VISO.GLOBAL website. You can find all details here.
  5. Открытый Сэйл уже начался, заходите на наш сайт чтобы принять участие
  6. It is time to convert your PreVITO to VITO with 50% bonus! Read on Medium how to convert!
  7. 01-25 November Private Sale - Bonus 35% from 5000 USD
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