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  1. Debitcoin price on BitShares exchange grows: 03/12/2017 - $1.29 11/12/2017 - $2.26 18/12/2017 - $6.84 25/12/2017… https://t.co/RnXQ4O8WN1

  2. RT @TelegrafMoney: New App ready #debitcoin https://t.co/40CnUbWMeS check it out... and try our web version https://t.co/en8yjJbadV join us…

  3. Kent Kristensen CEO of https://t.co/40CnUbWMeS in World Blockchain Summit (Dubai)... https://t.co/372Nvxbvp7 @YouTube

  4. RT @kentkristensen1: Sweet dreams... https://t.co/EQTar88dnZ https://t.co/uqiALrveCh check it out 9pm CET TONIGHT Russian leaders talkin…

  5. I just published “https://t.co/4iqy0opau8: Bitcoin and Ethereum Wallets” https://t.co/hekEpZ2qaO

  6. Kent Kristensen CEO and co-founder of https://t.co/DLQIUCQ39X he contributes with strategic planning and overview… https://t.co/7yDZ8WwxnC

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