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  1. https://t.co/C5PbMQnl21

  2. RT @tengrinewskz: На дне озера в Мексике обнаружили загадочную модель Вселенной (фото) https://t.co/6vHPSp0NHd

  3. RT @Beautyon_: "Bitcoin could go from $7,000 to $70,000 in a matter of days". Well, that's it then. There is _no way_ this man is the only…

  4. RT @bit_novosti: Цена Биткойна может достичь $10 000 https://t.co/6Blj0UAEbL https://t.co/SET4S6Bfg9

  5. RT @NiceHashMining: A brand new version of #NiceHashMiner for #NVIDIA is here! ? https://t.co/I7qPoUyIOE ? #crypto #mining #BTC #bitcoins #…

  6. RT @UstinkaLive: В ВКО ремонтировать дороги будут по новой технологии https://t.co/DEWYSHvcUS https://t.co/jsxujt15UL

  7. RT @YobitExchange: YoBit is ready for Bitcoin wallet update (1 or 2 forks). Btc deps/wds will be disabled on 31 jul - 1 aug.

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