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  1. @BitcoinZTeam Same for iOS?

  2. RT @elizeucima: #BitcoinZ is one of the best coin on the market. Buy $BTCZ! #BTCZRocks @BitcoinZTeam Live decentralization, I believe in Bi…

  3. RT @BTCZCommunity: #bitcoinz $btcz Fee has been paid: https://t.co/af13TDYuo8 to @CryptoCurrEncyX for listing. We will be listed! #bitcoin…

  4. RT @SuprnovaPools: Locked account? Go to https://t.co/spCHK1Gq04 and then check your email at https://t.co/QaMCKLuMja

  5. @SuprnovaPools can't load zen site, still maintenance?

  6. @AddoNn1 you're AWESOME!! thx a lot!!

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