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  1. Entropycoin [ENC] Scrypt-N Get More Beard!!! Pools: Official EU Pool: http://enc.apool.pl/ http://enc.0feepool.com/ https://www.minep.it/pool/enc https://becausepool.com/index.php?coin=enc http://entropy.vert-coin.pl/ nomp.1js.us No registration Exchanges: Bittrex Poloniex Comkort c-cex.com SwapHole CryptoAltex will be shutting down its entire site. Remove your coins immediatly! CryptoAltex Quote Due to the lack of volume and interest CryptoALTeX will be shutting down in the near future. Please withdraw all balances you may have on the site. It's been fun but with lack of volume the time and stress is not worth it. Thanks all for trusting us with your funds.- Chiznitz Block Explorer enc.42tx.com Mining Profitability Calculators www.coinwarz.com CoinTweak.com http://whatmine.com http://www.whattomine.com Coin Ranking / Market Cap coinmarketcap.com www.cryptocoinrank.com/Entropycoin www.worldcoinindex.com Entropycoin has been going strong for almost three months now. It started off its life as a typical Scrypt coin but was upgraded to use Scrypt-N. Entropycoin has a growing community and at present the network hash rate is around 250 Mh/s. We are hoping to get more interest in what has been a great start to this coin. Coin Info: Website: http://www.entropycoins.com Wallet Windows Wallet - Version 0.9.1 With Installer - http://entropycoins.com/Content/setup-entropycoin-0-9-1.exe Without Installer - http://entropycoins.com/Content/entropycoin-qt-0-9-1.zip Mac Wallet - Version 0.9.1 http://www.entropycoins.com/Content/Entropycoin-Qt-v-0-9-1-a-mac.zip Source https://github.com/etcdev/EntropyCoins Compiling Instructions here: http://entropycoins.com/info#compile Faucets http://www.cryptoarrow.com/faucets/entropycoin/index.php Exchange Voting Please vote for ENC to get us added to the follwing exchanges: Mintpal https://www.mintpal.com/voting#ENC Currently in First place SwissCex https://www.swisscex.com/voting Other Voting http://www.coinwarz.com/voting Human Minable Game (Offline) http://www.entropycoins.com/game/ Specifications: - Scrypt-N Algorithm - 2 minute blocks - 96 coins per block - 150 million total coins - Kimoto Gravity Well - Coin maturity at 35 confirmations - Block payout halved every year - Minimum payout 1 coin/block * Bonus For Early Adopters - Day 1 - Double Block Rewards - Day 2 - Double Block Rewards - Day 3 - Triple Block Rewards Premine: < 1% for marketing, giveaways, and network testing Ports: RPCPort: 7558 Connecion Port: 7559 Nodes: Code: addnode= Mining Info: You must use a scrypt-n capable miner such as Vertminer. Download Vertminer here: http://cryptomining-blog.com/845-download-vertminer-0-5-3-vertcoin-gpu-miner-for-windows/ Make sure to edit verminer.conf and remove their default pools. Sample command line for local mining: Code: vertminer.exe --scrypt-vert -o http://localhost:7558 -u username -p password --expiry 1 --scan-time 4 --queue 0 Contact: Email [email protected] Social Twitter: https://twitter.com/EntropyCoins Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/entropycoin Welcome to the community!
  2. 2к прихватил еще на дне)) буду держать . если сливать то только когда 50к минимум будет
  3. ну что ждем продолжения роста ? :D
  4. кто знает что за x13coin появился вчера на poloniex?
  5. Вы тоже из сказочной странны где форки только вверх по 500% за день ходят ? +1 , даже биток так не поднимается))). Потенциал у монеты есть, но нужно время. +100 просто нужно время ... он дарк пол года копейки стоял 0.5-0.7$ никто и не догадывался ,что он когда то будет 5-14$ стоить (P.s. ко всем форкам это не относится)
  6. Тоже закупился по самые помидоры :D .. верю в монетку..
  7. А что это? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=597225.0
  8. Всем привет . Кто ,что скажет по поводу "Monero" взлет будет или уже всё ??
  9. получил ! благодарю
  10. Как сложность ? Стоит ли майнить , или лучше закупиться?
  11. Обратят внимание если каждый день около 10000$ гонять по карте.
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