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  1. RT @OKEx_: @OKEx_ Launches @smart_mesh ( $SMT), @AcuteAngleCloud ( $AAC) Happy trading! https://t.co/oDPnXe1JcF

  2. RT @ubiqsmart: Live slides from Luke presenting in Moscow, Russia at mosblockchain.ru $UBQ @iquidus https://t.co/MvS7z7s8wd

  3. RT @enjincs: Network effect! 3600 telegram members! EnjinCoin.io the smart cryptocurrency for gaming, is all about fun. Join the little Enj…

  4. RT @ExpanseOfficial: October is going to be a big month for $EXP

  5. @JulianAssange its a Putin!!!

  6. RT @SatoshiLite: v0.3 of LND added a Litecoin operating mode as a step towards multi-chain LND for cross-chain atomic swaps!

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