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  1. "Однако, как сообщил предприниматель, вход на биржу платный."
  2. asking where i got the info from? what forum? google translates like shit at times
  3. Probably compromised btc-e DB Http://prntscr.com/gbs7s5 http://prntscr.com/gbsaru Interesting connection: Http://prntscr.com/gbs9of
  4. During the last 4 days, b i t m a i n probably sold more than 150k D3 dash = payment only btc / ltc .... it's normal to rise, no? This how u can control, they sell like crazy http://prntscr.com/g9mlnw
  5. Mayzus, "We'll see. I have already calculated the owners of real ones. And if they reincarnate in the "new" exchange - then yes, I have them and will have claims." Is this info prohibited to be told also by laws or you do not want to alert beforehand? If I think back a little and check my posts, by the green lights always beeping when some info showed, we may also calculated at least one the owners...
  6. No offence, but we all know jews is not a nation as they do not have a land of their own and they are everywhere,,,,from alaska to argentina from washington to vladivostok....
  7. Mayzus, you keep barking they are criminals, they are dirty money .... I do not understand the reason .... other than you take profit of the situation and you want To keep money. Sorry, but this is the only reasonable think I found. I mean, you do not even give people the "benefit of the doubt" and directly say is labeled money from criminals. I did not want to take offense anymore. You just a huckster and extortioner (not perissology). What about other traders, miners, clean fund investors? Is it you want to block out of the supermarket and those 50 $ were given to them by a drug dealer when buying pampers and carrots @ LIDL. PS - is the + still available? If so IMHO you should just get out of here
  8. How many real users/traders on btc-e? I, personally, I would be prepared to give btc-e 5% to 10% of my fiat/crypto no questions asked in order to recover. I do not have very much money in there but not few either. If we all trust they are genuine, why not support and make it the right way. If we all give them something/anything, I believe it will be a great help. This is business, when one partner is at the bottom, other partner must help. I may be considered naive, but this is really what I feel and what I felt from the very first day they went offline.
  9. What about btc-e.top? Btc-e.top redirect to exmo.com / Creation Date: 2017-05-14 / Registrant Name: EUROSTYLE ADVISOR LTD http://prntscr.com/g63wi2
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