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  1. RT @ex_scudo: World governments are slowly realizing that cryptocurrencies have come to stay. Read about world's first cryptocurrency - El…

  2. #Earth is for EVERYBODY NOBODY NEED TO PAY #TAX TO ANYBODY, ITS FUCKING NONSENSE. One day all the #world should Ris… https://t.co/9VQFwT6sIC

  3. @Synereo What is happening with Synereo?

  4. Great Roadmap from Excudo! Check it out! https://t.co/93NzwTGo46

  5. RT @RiseOfCrypto: <$IoP> Former owner=Fermat assholes' dumping is over. Price is stable. More devs joining. It's time to recoup $IoP #bittr…

  6. RT @cvcoin_ico: In Era of Snooping, We Need Unblockable, Impenetrable and Strong MessengerRead more:https://t.co/iXZCsGBpAr#crypviser

  7. сосдаю страничку для дкорп.

  8. RT @WolfOfPoloniex: Bitcoin is "crashing"? Cool story bro... this happens every month. Welcome to $crypto.3300$ here we come. $BTC #Bitcoi

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