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  1. RT @vexmark: this guy looks like he's about to drop the hottest German industrial techno album of the year https://t.co/zdfkDo1MVl

  2. RT @RudyHavenstein: In my latest newsletter, I discuss the synchronized global recovery, surging consumer confidence, and the minuscule une…

  3. GBP ahead of EU summit https://t.co/AVoiCOiV48

  4. RT @AwardsDarwin: Photobomb. https://t.co/oooWe5kvxY

  5. RT @buffer: Didn't exist in 2006... ? - iPhone - iPad - Kindle - 4G - Lyft - Android - Spotify - Bitcoin - Instagram - Snapchat - WhatsApp…

  6. RT @zerohedge: As the Fed's balance sheet shrinks by $10BN/month in Q4, the BOJ and ECB will add $400BN https://t.co/hsuJt2X5WE https://t.…

  7. Crypto projects that are still not recognised by the market? with potential of ETH in 2015 or Bitcoin at $250?https://t.co/yT1MC02r6f

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