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  1. @rogerkver Not true, #BCash has centralization of mining by Bitmain and his ASICs, community decide nothing. #BGold… https://t.co/syQfYNg42e

  2. @NEMofficial It was great event, thank you all.

  3. @syscoin Linux support is needed.

  4. @justmoon @RippleFeed @Swift @Ripple Current victims of #Ripple are its hodlers.

  5. @splix Move to Telegram ?

  6. World's first smartphone for crypto-community on #IOTA #iotatoken $IOTA https://t.co/3YijYjvUYH

  7. RT @tehMoonwalker: We need 2 stop fight each other the real enemy are central banks and corrupt governments $btc $eth $crypto peace

  8. RT @eth_classic: I had a dream of an Ethereum where the core devs didn't have a disdain for the miners doing the important work of securing…

  9. RT @trustfarm: Adds 20years, main(){printf("Hello world!");}“The Evolution of a Software Engineer” by @WebSeanHickey https://t.co/ANPPTi…

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