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  1. RT @CryptoKaku: $XVG "price to stabilize around 0.25-0.30 end of June 2018 and jump to around 9.00-11.00 within July 2018" https://t.co/IH8…

  2. RT @Beastlyorion: Stop asking me for my entries. Stop asking me for my exits. It is none of your business. I am under no obligation to shar…

  3. RT @TV_TradingIdeas: BTC - Continuation of previous pattern $BTCUSD https://t.co/DOaKG1pVBf

  4. Видео "The Very Best of Hans Zimmer" (https://t.co/lSBxr4q7Mp) на @YouTube добавлено в плейлист.

  5. RT @Reuters: Russia turns cold on cryptocurrencies: https://t.co/WOKX0GuVVL #fintech #ReutersFintech https://t.co/nTfn3SUDBZ

  6. RT @galaxybtc: $XCP | Bounced from support as expected. Oversold and volume increasing. https://t.co/lGByVfgD78

  7. RT @bit_novosti: @exante_ru Что же вы Ethereum Classic (ETC) упустили из виду? Альткойн №5 по капитализации и оборотам, инвестиционный тези…

  8. RT @EthereumC: Эфирный вор (часть вторая) https://t.co/ULlgVgyIP1 https://t.co/aVAxSwhR1h

  9. RT @flyingheadofbtc: Hey @Bitstamp @krakenfx @Poloniex @BittrexExchange can we get a statement how you will handle Aug 1 and customer funds…

  10. RT @Anbessa100: $BTC Too much FUD on twitter. I would only react if support breaks. In here for the long haul, so even a dip would be a gif…

  11. RT @DigiEconomist: #Ethereum lost 50% of its value after the #ETC fork, and that was a mild version of what could happen in #Bitcoin next m…

  12. RT @Zn_Portnova: Только с грядки

  13. RT @whaleclubco: 2017-07-07 BTC/USD, 4h, Bitstamp, THE CRAVING CROW! #bitcoin · Long or Short $BTCUSD with up to 20x leverage: https://t.c…

  14. RT @JoN_TM: — У нас тоже вот такой же был, еле-еле сдыхали. https://t.co/AfmlRJpuqX

  15. Мне понравилось видео "Підсумки дна: Так, ми ох**ли. І шо?" (https://t.co/n49sHXt1V1) на

  16. RT @RuslanLeviev: Взрыв трансформатора на электроподстанции в Томске https://t.co/MLvs1uJQ1r

  17. RT @bit_novosti: К пользовательской базе Coinbase присоединился 1 млн пользователей за месяц https://t.co/tp5TXwv92J https://t.co/09HVpZCV…

  18. RT @ARKblockchain: I remember going on @CNBC ~1 yr ago & being pumped #bitcoin was > $600. Now I see people complaining about a trading ran…

  19. Мне понравилось видео "GPU Mining Farm Build Out - 8x GTX 1080 Ti Rigs ZEC ZCash / Warehouse Expansion / Prototype

  20. RT @Order1110: $ZEC | I drawed something; maybe the pump Gods can make me happy https://t.co/ROArCPOvQA

  21. RT @Order1110: Me thinks $XRP should decide there at the blue circle; https://t.co/Xbcf9T7nzT

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